Sunday, June 10, 2012

One in a MIllion

Sunday we rode to Groton, CT for a Tour of Honor RTE (ride to eat) at Norm's Diner.  Kara Scott held the ride to eat. Jim Hatch the TOH sponsor showed up and Ardys Kellerman was the Guest of Honor. Well guess not guest, because she paid for her own breakfast. We hung around telling war stories for a while. We had to because Norm's is definetly not a fast food place. It was nice to be among folks that don't wash their bikes. My FJR was feeling right at home.

Kara trying out the FJR as a potential new ride

First BBQ stop for the day. We used this as the
NER Theme tag. Animal in the sponsoring the site.
The pig over the doorway counts

We were going to part our separate way, but Ardys is also
doing the Smoke Chasing 2012 tour, so she hung with us for
the rest of the afternoon

You don't see one of these everyday, I just had to have a picture
The last BBQ Joint was a bust. I pulled into a parking lot and we had about an another 45 minute conversation. We were headed up thru the middle of Connecticut and Ardys was headed for Kingston RI, so we parted ways.

When we got home I went thru our usual ritual of downloading the SC cards full of photos to the computer, retrieve the marked waypoints and tracks from the GPS and a quick look thru of the photos. Finally around 9pm we settled into to watching TV. MeAsWe said "Today was a really great day of riding wasn't it."  I don't think it was the getting off and on the bike that made it such a good day.

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