Saturday, May 5, 2012

Getting Ready - The Bike

Over the last couple of weeks I have done or had things doneto the bike (most were had done) to get ready for our trip.

Couple of weeks ago had the coolant and plugs changed out. The bike is just about ready to turn 20,000 miles.

 Last weekend changed the engine and final drive oil. (really the only thing I did by myself). Yamaha made these tasks very easy on the FJR.
Installed the Laminar Lip I bought in March to replace the one that blew off the bike last September on a cold morning. I think the 3m velcro anchors (the glue buttons) are susceptible to temperature changes. This time we also drilled and bolted the Lip on and used the anchors. Hopefully if it decides to try to let go, it doesn't take the whole windshield with it. The drilling went smoothly. First we (Giff and I) mounted the Lip and then drilled thru both layers (Lip and windshield). Laminar LLC suggested going slow and using a dull bit. We also backed the windshield with a block of wood, hence it was a 2 person operation.

This week the FJR got new shoes. I have been using Shinko Ravens since I got a FJR (on both the 2007 and the 2008) and decided why change when you like what you got. I believe the Shinks have a bad rap just because of the name and they are not Michelin, Dunlops or Metzler. This is my third set and based on performance and price they are the right choice for me. YMMV. The set I replaced had about 10K on them and they still had plenty of tread left, but not enough to go 5,400+ miles.

Had the brake and clutch fluids changed. The brakes reservoir was showing an amber to Coke-like color so it was time. The clutch could have gone for awhile longer, but it had to be changed eventually so might as well get er done now.

Giff, the owner of Trinty Auto and the mechanic that does all my maintenance to the FJR, also took apart the brake and clutch levers, cleaned up the contacts and pins, and lubed the pivot points, just because he heard them squeaking when he was moving the bike around and knew they needed some attention. Why I keep going back to Giff for my work. This is Giff owner of Trinity Auto.

Yesterday we took the FJR out to the NER Meet and Greet and everything is working just right. Now I could go out and wash the FJR but what would be the point. It is just gonna get real dirty in another week and I am not a big fan of washing my bike. It is meant to be ridden not looked at. Got some minor things to do, but the bike is ready to rockN'roll.

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