Sunday, July 31, 2011

Is Two Too Many and Other To's

Today I mounted up the StreetPilot 2720 and the Nuvi 855 to see if they would fit. They mounted up like a charm, wiring them into the accessory plug was a snap and we were ready to rock n' roll. Now all we had to do was test them on the road.

Fiddled abit to position the GPS so that I could see the tach, the info panel and the neutral light. The test ride would be the NER breakfast club in Littleton at Tres Amici. As soon as we were on the road, I realized the right turn signal indicator was NOT visible. Thats not good, because I don't always remember to flick em off now. No visibility is not going to improve this situation. Why they don't put self cancelling turn signals on all bikes is beyond me.

Other than the turn signal, there are real advantages to having 2 GPS. You can have one zoomed in and one zoomed out. Great info to have while traveling. One to do adhoc routing without disturbing the other GPS. What if we went this way or that way. I just might travel this way for now on.

We arrived at the NER Breakfast Club hosted by Rich aka PuckerNoMore at around 8:30a.

The JJFlash crew, well 2/3 of them. Jack has already parked his GW.

These 2 characters are Magilla and Giff. Magilla is the one with the hi vis jacket. He has established the standard for Hi Vis. He has the jacket that brightens the already bright Fusion Blue Gold Wing and to top it off he has a safety Hi Vis yellow Arai helmet. You would think just his size would be enough (he makes a wing look small)but you can't possibly miss him on the road. We rode up with Giff he has a really nice ST1100 with 96K on it.

The above is Rich (PuckerNoMore) our host. He has finally found at PT that has relieved him of some debilating pain for the last 9 years. It says it's like winning the lottery. Puck picked up the tab for all of us, 11 of us, and asked that we donate what we would have paid for breakfast to either the NER or the Wounded Warriors Project.

We disbanded, Giff our travel to partner, was off to other roads, and we needed to head back to get the bike ready to ship to Salt Lake City. It was a near perfect day out. Blue blue skies, and the temps were in the 70's low 80's. I am suppose to deliver the bike with no gas to the shippers, however they accept very little gas, so I had to run the tank down. I dropped of MeAsWe and headed for the Rhode Island tag.

Rustic Drive-In used to be a Triple X rated drive-in. According to MeAsWe the sign is a phallic symbol, but to me it looks like Googie to me, but what do I know.

In our tag games, you must travel to the current tag location, but it is ok to post a file photo for the new tag. I figured it would be easier to just pick up another spot right now, run some more gas out of the tank, so off to Twin Rivers Casino just down the road.

I figured the door handles are distinctive enough to figure out where this place is, but if someone asks for a clue I will tell them to combine Dan Fogelburg and Joan Rivers to arrive at the name. Dan Fogelburg album Twin Brothers of Different Mothers is the first part. If that doesn't work then I will post up this picture as another clue.

If that doesn't work I will make them read this blog.

After grabbing Twin Rivers, headed towards home, but decided I needed to run some more gas out and went to Walmart to see if they had long sleeve wicking shirts. Nope. Finally got home, but had to stop at the gas station to put a gallon in the tank so I could get to the shipper in the morning

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