Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Surfing Water at the Joisey Showa

We spent the last 3 days running New Jersey for An Affair with Water, capturing something like 60 or so towns for this contest. Weather was perfect and even more perfect along the coast. We also picked up a BBQ place to lock up New Jersey as a state. What I found on this trip, mainly below Toms River, the Post Offices were either non-existent, MapSource had it all wrong, the PO moved, or I did something wrong when entering the Waypoints. We only missed one location Oceanville in our quest thou. I have spent quite a few weeks in my youth on the boardwalk at Seaside Heights, where Jersey Shore is shot. Matter of fact my sister offered to take me to the exact location, but the show is pure crap and not that important to me, so we passed. The next PO was far more exciting to us, but I did manage to get a picture of the water tower. Almost like the shot of Pizzaland on the Sopranos.

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First day was getting to the Toms River where my sister lives. New Jersey is the most over built, over retailed, no zoning laws state I have ever seen. A lot of the stores are closed, especially car dealerships. Northern Jersey is very country, New England like, with huge homes. Drop to Bloomfield to Sea Bright is where the old cities are. A lot of rundown places. Asbury Park is a scary place.

The Merritt Parkway is an historic byway. Each overpass has a unique character.

Crossing the Tappan Zee Bridge. This bridge is designated to be replaced because the traffic has far exceeded its designed capacity

Jersey is known as a extremely liberal state, but even this is kinda of over the top. What ya figure transgender somethings ?? (click the picture to enlarge)

We stopped into Bergen County HarleyDavidson / BMW. I don't think I have ever seen the two most exclusive brands as far as dealerships go, crammed into the same building. As I was purchasing my tall shot glass, I did notice the new 1600 GTL stuffed between a Road Glide and Ultra Glide. One of the things that makes Harley so successful is the gathering they have at the dealerships. Announce free music, hot dogs and hamburgers, drinks and they will come and they did come.

Jersey has some great neon. I could spend days gathering these up. Worked for the water thing too.

You can always tell when you are getting towards the ocean and the shore in Jersey. Other than the names changing so do the colors toward the pastels.

Shoring up New Jersey as a BBQ state

A couple more Water Places and we find ourselves at our dinner destination for the evening. Hows this for having a back alley in your yard, plus there is nothing to mow.

Day 2

South Jersey for riding is really boring. The roads are straight; I can’t imagine anyone learns to ride a bike properly in Southern Jersey, but the ride along the Atlantic Ocean makes up for it. Seaside Heights is kind of a trashy town; Ocean City, Sea Isle City and Stone Harbor are clean, classy and family oriented. As you get closer to Cape May you find yourself on a lot of bridges to cross over the coves, bays and salt marshes.

The boardwalk at Seaside Heights. This is taken about 8am and surprisedly the people were not all over the place.

A semi famous water tank.

Where they make those huge yachts.

Moving down the coast line.

Ocean City

Sea Isle City

A glimpse of the Atlantic.

We made it to Green Creek, which is just outside Cape May. It was about 4pm and we decided to call it a day and blow off the 4 remaining towns (watch we will come in second by a margin of 4) and take the Garden State Parkway back to Toms Rivers to have dinner with my sister. My turn to take her out to eat.

Before heading home, some ice cream is in order.

I let this guy handle the cigar thou.

Day 3 was heading back to Massachusetts. We passed thru Lakehurst and tried to see the hangar where the Hindenburg blew up, but they were not offering tours today. We meandered up thru the central part of Jersey and crossed the Hudson River via the Bear Mountain Bridge. As you cross the bridge you must go right or left. Right is US 202 and you end up winding down the mountain on a road very similar (in my opinion) to Hawks Nest. As the pilot you must keep your eyes forward, no matter how tempting it is to look at the scenery. We grabbed our last 4 or so towns and slabbed it home on 84. Of course a stop a Reins Deli in Vernon was a nice break. Hot pastrami extra lean 1st cut Reuben. A sandwich doesn’t get better than that.

McGuire - Fort Dix - Naval Air Engineering Station Lakehurst

Made our way up to Bear Mountain and crossed the Hudson there. The bridge had the distinction of being the longest suspension bridge in the world for a brief 19 months.

Some action shots along US 202 after crossing the Hudson.

Final destination of the day before slabbing it home

Estimated miles for the 3 days, right around 1,000 miles. Perfect scrubbing in for the new Shinkos. They are already for the trip west

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