Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Connie does the Dalton

The other day I received an email questioning whether the Connie I have is still available. My simple replay was Yes, what would you like to know. I also left the person my phone number and told them to call me.

I get another email from that person, asking "is 11pm to late to call". I read that email about 11:30pm and told the person I would be up until at least 12am.

Sit back down to watch TV and the phone rings. I pick up the phone and hear the other person say "is this Bill". A conversation ensues about the Connie and motorcycling in general. It was like I had known Gordon all my life, but we had not spoken to one another in a decade or so.

Then Gordon says "Would you ride the Connie to Alaska". Within a split second I said "No".

I then realized Gordon was not being literal, but asking the question in a figurative/rheotorical manner. Almost immediately after I belted out No, Gordon says I am not asking if YOU would ride to Alaska, I wanted to know if someone could ride to Alaska.

Well as it turns out Gordon was going to drive one of his vehicles from Alaska to the east coast to visit with his kids, fly to Boston, and ride the Connie all over the east coast while he was visiting, then truck it back home to Alaska. As life is, something got in the way at this time and the Connie will be staying in MA for a while longer.

I still feel like I found a friend in Gordon and if we ever make it to Alaska, I just might have to look him up.

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Kate said...

I hope you make it to Alaska!