Sunday, July 3, 2011

What does a Book, a Bike, a Bear and BBQ Joint have in Common

Team Strange hosts the 2011 Smoke Chaising BBQ Treasure Hunt. From time to time they have interim contests, which they award prizes for. The current one, you must submit a picture of your bike, your book and a stuffed bear in front of a qualifying BBQ joints.

Since I no longer have little kids, and my daughter who does have a young son lives too far away for a spur of the moment trip, we borrowed a bear from MeAsWe uncle an aunt. We asked on a whim and they just happened to have one.

Our entry to the BBQ Challenge for late June early July. Mic is a diehard Patriots fan, my guess Toni, his wife, got Mic this for Valentine's Day. It is an original Vermont Teddy Bear bear, hence he is a New Englander.

The BBQ joint is just 6 weeks open as of this writing and could use some customers to build his business. Location of the joint is 796 Atwood Avenue, Cranston, RI. Oh they have some neat T-Shirts which MeAsWe wants. so will will be back.

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