Sunday, July 10, 2011

United BBQ - Providence RI

Yesterday we headed out for a quick ride to capture the last of the 15 BBQ joints we need for the 2nd level in Smoke Chasing 2011. Destination was United BBQ in Providence RI.

First things first we grabbed the Pine Cone at Federal Hill for the RI Tag. Federal Hill received it's name after the 1788 celebration of 4th of July ox roast. The organizes of the event were celebrating the ratification of the Federal Constitution. Anti-Federalists sentitments ran strong in RI, this guy lead 1,000 farmers to stop the celebration. Federal hill became home to Italian emigranst and now houses some of the best restaurants in Rhode Island.

The pine cone, which hangs above, is an italian tradition representing welcome to our world.

Next on the agenda is United BBQ. They are located at 146 Ives Street. This was intended as a grab and run, however it was late in the day, neither of us had eaten anything so we ordered a beef brisket sandwich with slaw and chips. The sandwich was huge and quite tasty. The chips were homemade and very good. This is a joint worth coming to. Pigtrip the BBQ review site gives this place a good review.

They have a really neat Smart car for delivery.

Of course the picture of the food.

Neat neon sign

The staff

With this joint we are Smokers. Visit 3 joints in 5 States. With the west trip coming back up I've got Waypoints in each of those states to make it to the BBQ Pit Master level. Maybe by the time this is done, I will know something about BBQ. So far, I know I like brisket as a meal, but pulled pork for a sandwich.

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