Saturday, July 30, 2011

Go West Old Man - Another Prep Stage

This morning I played around in MapSource getting the routes finalized for the trip. I need to post the maps when they are complete. I was having a frustrating time getting the data out of MapSource to the spreadsheet application I wrote to tell us if the stuff that I bit off can be chewed, in other words will the VC's be open when we will actually arrive.

About 1pm I had the following choices, take a nap (it was beautiful out, blue skies), watch a Netflix movie (it was beautiful day out, blue skies) or take a jaunt down to Roger Williams National Memorial VC and pick up some of these

After picking up our new books, we headed for a bit to eat. MeAsWe was starved. Arrived at this place that was a previous tag

Only to find out they were closed

With the stomach set on some dogs, we back tracked to

All done in the cage today and did not feel a bit guilty about it. Got home and took that nap that I was thinking about earlier

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