Monday, September 20, 2010

Spokane Spin

We have arrived in Spokane and will spend 3 days here. MeAsWe will get reconnected with her Washington family. Me, I will chase stuff in the car. When in Spokane do as the Spokens do.

This is what started the chasin stuff for me and I still stop at these places. Pretty good food too.

MeAsWe went back to the room to put her leg up and I took off to the other end of town for another shot glass.

Alot of bikes at this place

A used Big Dog, for a relatively cheap price compared to what it just cost new. Don't think it would make a good touring bike.

This one might thou

Took the short way back to the Econo Lodge and grabbed some pics of Spokane

Centennial Mills

Fountain in the park

People Running

Radio Flyer (I had one of these)

Had these too but don't think I could spell Spokane

Have a collection of ginormous milk bottles going

Some neat motel signs

That's my tour of Spokane. To me it looks like a large Worcester MA. The town has seen some better days, had declined a bit, but looks like it is trying to make a comeback of sorts. It is the birthplace of Father's Day and was home to the 1974 World's Fair.

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