Monday, September 20, 2010

Splittin Spokane, Knockin on Kalispell's Door

It's Sunday and we decide to head out for Glacier NP today, well to get within strikin distance. We are growing way to comfortable at the Econo and don't want to end up like the patrons of the Peppin Motel in VT. Not much on the agenda in the way of sites to visit.

This was parked right out side the lobby. While I doubt I would go back to a cruiser, I still appreciate an old one, especially with the SU carb. My TR-3 had 2 of em.

We stopped at Knights Diner on the other side of Spokane. When I told them I eat at their competitor, she simply stated we have no competition. I got a chuckle out of that statement. Breakfast was very good.

It was pouring out for most of our trip to Montana. Since we got into Idaho at night picked this one up on the way back out of Washington. Turned around to get the Washington

The rain. While riding in the rain is to be expected, I am not missing the bike right now.

Passed this place, maybe I can use it in a theme tag. Oh no bike..sigh

Hittn some mountains in Idaho


Sun starting to peak out of the clouds

I am a sucker for cars on pedestals. I don't have a clue what kind this is

Another pedestal thing. Libby MT

The State of Montana memorializes those killed along their highways. The American Legion has been placing these markers since 1953 as a reminder to us drivers it can be dangerous out there.

Clearing skies finally

Really straight roads


Whenever a deer comes up in conversation, MeAsWe has this reaction...

We will hang here for a day and then head to Glacier. We are only 33 miles from the west entrance.


Anonymous said...

The hanging car is a Nash (Ambassator) 1954 0r 55 I think!

Anonymous said...

The hanging car is a Nash (Ambassator) 1954 0r 55 I think!