Friday, September 10, 2010

Day 2 - Earth, Wind and Fire

Dinosaur is for the Earth, Flaming Gorge for Fire and Windy Wyoming for Wind. Those are the highlights for the day. Since today was to be a leisurely ride from Vernal to Dinosaur National Monument, we weren't up bright and early. Oh my editor was up before me this morning so there will not be an sleeping photos today. Maybe it was the threat of pulling back the sheets this time. As with all my posts, click any picture and it will open a new window, which you can enlarge for the full effect.

Ride out to Dinosaur. Much of the road looked like this.

However there was this as well to taunt us to continue on

The obligatory crossing state line photo.

We arrived at Dinosaur and I looked up at the clock,it was 11. I asked the ranger if we were in a different time zone, the answer being no. Somewhere between Vernal and here we lost an hour. Rod Sterling must of been in the area. There 2 parts to Dinosaur, the ride up the canyon road, which is in Colorado or back in Utah one can be shuttled to see dino bones, which is still a 1.5 mile hike. Being 11 and the last shuttle leaves at 12, we could head back to Utah and come back here after. But the knees not the bees knees we opted for the ride up the canyon. Now this is only 35 miles up and back. The ranger said it will take 2.5 hours. How in earth could it take that long, but 3 hours later I now know why. Visit this place and you will discover the answer as well

Pics of the canyon ride called Harpers Corner Road

Initial ascent

Not being a pro in clicking off pics...there is no way these photos due justice to this area.

Those pics give you just a taste.

After Dino we stopped at this place for some coffee for MeAsWe, me I opted for Red Bull and water

A very long time ago, I was into restoring TR3's the poor man's jacquar. I was the first treasurer of the National Triumph Register.

Heading back into Vernal to hang a right to Flaming Gorge, we found ourselves on some back UT roads. You wouldnt want to crash out here. Come to think of it, one never wants to crash

When I planned this trip I selected riding up the left side of Flaming Gorge on Rt 44 and 530 versus 191. Until next time I will not know if I made a mistake. The initial ride into this area had a bunch of swithbacks. Not really hard to traverse compared to the swithbacks found back east. Came across a LEO handing out performance awards, which kept my speeds down

By taking the path least traveled we had an opportunity to grab a bit to eat at Red Canyon Lodge. Yesterday I had a hamburger that was just a hamburger, today it was a totally different experience. Hmmmmmmmmmm. A tad pricey for lunch but it is vaca.

Continuing north we hit some of the beauty of Flaming Gorge

We hit Wyoming. Let me say this is one windy friggin place. The bike had a list to the left the entire way into Green River. At least it was pretty constant versus a blast and and let off and then another blast. We still managed to move along since the roads are pretty damn staight. Makes Florida seem like the Deals Gap.

In Green River we paid a visit to Expedition Island, a National Landmark.

What I picture the west to look like

The rest of the ride to Kemmerer was flat, windy and temps dropping. We hit the Best Western sometime between 8:30 and 9.


Anonymous said...

Great read Willie!

I know I want to two wheel 191 after doing it with 10 wheels this summer, now you have me wondering if I should plan a little loop of 44/530/191....

Mr Bill

Anonymous said...

Pics are just stunning!