Thursday, September 16, 2010

Escape from Livingston, MT

We spent four days cooped up in the Best Western in Livingston MT. MeAsWe needed at least 72 hours with her leg pointed to the sky and I spent a fair amount of time on the phone on insurance issues and figuring out what we were gonna do. On Monday, I rented a car and went to Clyde Park to see the bike, pics posted in the last post. We decided to continue our journey, at least partially, so we rented a car for a week, pointed the car toward the west and headed to Spokane to visit some relatives of MeAsWe. After that we are going to Glacier (the major reason for the trip), closing this portion with a ride down US 89 back to Bozeman. From there we will take a bus to SLC and fly home. Not the way it was planned in MapSource but it is something. The cost to change our travel plans, was greater than the cost of the 2 way tickets out here.

Enterprise picked us up precisely at 10 am and we headed for Bozeman. The kid that picked us up. left Texas and moved to Montana to ski. First question I asked was how does someone from Texas get involved with skiing. I forgot the answer, but I thought it was kewl the kid was doing what he wanted. So many of us, me included, did what was expected of us. If I only thought to buy a bike back then, hmmm the possiblies. We were out of the Enterprise office and on the road heading west around 11:30. MeAsWe in her new pillion seat

I thought this was kewl. As we made our way up to Spokane we saw other mountains with letters as well. They must mean something

Since we had the time, I stopped of at a couple places along the way. Stopped here to get a tall shot glass to add to my collection

We stopped at Three River Fork a National Landmark. This is where the Gallatin, Jefferson and Madison Rivers come together to form the Missouri River.

MeAsWe moved to the back seat. This was more like riding the FJR.

Arriving in Butte, I went looking for Burton Wheeler House, another National Landmark. Pulled into this hood and found a person to ask if they knew which house it was, which they didn't. They suggested I try the guy across the street, knocked on his door, he came. I asked if this was the Wheeler House, he said no and slammed the door. Friendly place Butte was. We drove around Butte because the town itself is a National Landmark. Both MeAsWe and I made the observation that the people in this town were some of the hardest looking people we had every seen. Weathered, looking down and out, western tough, disheartened and as declined as Butte looked. At one time Butte boasted the most Ho Houses and Saloons in one location in the US. It looks like they never left. Butte was a turn of the century mineral wonderland, mining gold, silver and the mother lode of copper.

Next stop was Grant- Kohrs Ranch, a National Park commemorating the western cattle industry. All I could think about while I walked around was Hoss, Ben, Little Joe and Adam walking. This ranch at one time reached 10,000,000 acres and had 50,000 head mozin and grazin about. Grabbed INK and got out of town before sundown. Yee Haw

MeAsWe was grumbling from the pain radiating from her leg, but her stomach started to chime in as well. She had never been to Hooters. They had a ton of neon inside so I grabbed some for Waymarking.

I just couldn't resist

This girl, who is the daughter of a police officer in town was one of the best waitresses I have ever had.

Most photographers use their thumb to line up a shot.

We put the pedal to the medal and drove the distance to Spokane. All in all, we had a good day. After dinner the sun dropped quickly and my eyes kept darting back and forth looking for FRs that want revenge for their brother in Clyde Park. You talkin to me?? Ya wanna piece of me. Come on I will F+&K you up real bad. Oh Oh you want to live in peace and harmony. I can live with that.

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Richard said...

I'm glad you're in good spirits and on the mend. Enjoy the rest of your trip and keep posting.