Sunday, September 12, 2010

Day 4 Part 2 - Sudden Impact

After stopping in Canyon VC, we headed out the East Entrance for Chief Joseph Scenic Highway via US 14. The road out of the park takes you thru some very mountainous topography and is a very nice ride. Not much traffic either, at least heading out.

We have been riding for about and hour and half, needed water, and came across the Buffalo Bill Reservoir VC. As good as any place to stop. This is where they built the dam for the reservoir and it has quite a history. Sounds like our Boston Dig for the early 1900's. In it's day it was the tall lest dam in the world, standing 325 feet.

Cody is the next big town just before the Chief Joseph Highway and a good place to fill up. We have found ourselves filling up more often as a precautionary measure, not knowing the area. Out east gas is never more than 20 Miles away except for parts of Maine. Cody named after William "Buffalo Bill" Cody.

Just outside Cody is the entrance to Chief Joe Highway. This highway is not only incredibly scenic, but historic as well. The road roughly follows Chief Joseph path as he lead the Nez Perce indians out of Yellowstone. This road is primarily sweepers, an easy ride as heightened speeds, with a few switchbacks. A pleasure to ride.

Next up is the Beartooth Scenic Byway. Wow is all I can say. This is not a road I could ride fast. Lots of tight switchbacks. The visuals presented to you also keeps your speed. This is not a place you want to run out of road and go over the edge. I believe we hit 10,976 feet as the highest elevation. Coming from the Cody side, the ride up was more difficult than going down into Red Lodge. You get the feeling you are on top of the world. Maybe Jimi was here when he came up with "excuse me while i kiss the sky"

In Red Lodge, we stop for gas again and a bite to eat. It's about 6:30PM and we still have 183 miles to go to reach White Sulphur Springs, MT. The GPS has us turn onto SR 78. Right as we turn on I see one of those large orange construction signs about the road being under construction, with the specific instructions about motorcycles should consider alternate routes. Of course I ignored the sign and figured any construction would be within 5 miles or so. This is Montana and not the East. We finally hit the construction about 25 miles into this road, but not all was lost. The road under construction was better than most of the MA roads and those unpaved roads we find in VT. Even wet I was able to move a fair clip even passing some slower vehicles.

We are on I90 moving right along. The temps were still in the 70's, skies crystal clear, moon out and not much traffic. Conditions were perfect for making up some time.

From I90 we made a right turn onto US89 and headed North. This picture was taken at 10:41PM.

Score Board:

Willie 10 Points (i got out with a bruise)
MeAsWe 5 Points (on injured disabled list)
FJR 1 point because it survived but doesn't look pretty
Forest Rat 0 Nada Nil Eating Dirt DEAD

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