Saturday, September 11, 2010

Day 3 - Blowing off Steam in Wyoming

Bright and early, 37 degrees in Kemmerer, WY. Well 2 out of 3 not bad. Bike was full of frost and took a while to scrap it off the tank and seats. Today's agenda would be to grab ink and learn stuff from Fossil Butte, Grand Teton, run the Rockfeller Memorial Highway and hits some places in Yellowstone. A full day in front of us. As with all my posts, click on any photo, it will open a new window, to enlarge.

First Sun and Frost in Kemmerer

Before we get out of Kemmerer we stopped for shopping at JC Penny's mother store. This is where it all began for this chain of stores and a National Landmark

We arrived at Fossil Butte right as the rangers were opening the park. Perfect timing

Fossil Butte main attraction is inside the VC. On display are some really amazing detailed fossils.

As we left the park to head for the Tetons, a forest rat jumped out in front of us and ran down the highway, turning right and off into the fields. I think this guy phoned a cousin in Montana after he gathered his breath in the hills.

Heading into the Tetons, we came across these guys heading up the same mountains. Our biggest effort will be the strong spring the FJR had on the throttle, these guys kinda of put us to shame.

First snow shot

The scenery into Jackson Hole changes from mile to mile. From treed mountains

To bare mountains

Nice shot of the snow capped peaks

Antler recycling Jackson Hole style

Grabbing ink at one of the Grant Teton locations

We will see plenty of these guys during our visit in this area. These were the first.

Hitting Yellowstone

Do we fall to the Atlantic or head for the Pacific

Of course no visit to Yellowstone would be complete without a stop at Old Faithful. I equate this to visit to Plymouth MA and the rock. I am sure those that come from the west coast to see Plymouth Rock walk away shrugging their shoulders, saying Thats It. We walked away having much the same feeling. One day the visitors are going to be treated to a special final performance from Old Faithful. It will be a "really big shew [in my best Ed Sullivan blog impersonation]

I actually found the Old Faithful Inn to be more interesting than the gusher thing.

Yellowstone has some incredible beauty which is hard to capture thru the lens, at least my lens. We did not spend alot of time here, and I also feel this is a place to visit in a car versus a bike. Being post Labor Day, traffic was relatively light, however enough to aggravate and wear out your left hand.

As you ride thru the park, there is steam coming out of every place.

Getting late we head for West Yellowstone, MT for the Pony Express Motel. Since I am mixing tenses because I can. I have a feeling I will not get many shots of the moon like this in the future. You will just have to read future editions to understand why. I will surely miss these times. The air is crisp, the mood is serene, the earth is peaceful and at peace, these are special times in a riders life.

Our restaurant was in walking distance, so we had a couple of these to finish the night off for a perfect day.


matarheel said...

looks like beautiful places out there. hope some day to do the same thing.

Richard said...

Some spectacular scenery. Hope you guys are OK.