Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Chasin Overload P1 - Tag Your It

This winter I have been chasin National Historic Places. Spring has arrived, well at least the weather is rideable and the roads are clear of ice. I have narrowed down the NRHP from 18,000 locations to concentrate on National Landmarks for now. With spring brings the 6 tags state game at the NER forum. There is also a version of Tag going on at the ADVrider forum too.

Tag is a pretty simple game. Someone posts up a picture with their bike in it, you ride to it, take a picture that resembles the tagger picture, post up your picture and you get to select the next tag location to send people off to. Well this game has gone high tech. Participants are using their blackberries, wireless laptops, etc etc to enable them to post up the picture on location. Makes it hard to become the tagger. The last tag I got was this neat place.

This was put up by EasyEd. It is the Jesuit Retreat Center in Weston, MA. Keep in mind all you have is a picture and whatever the tagger wants to give as clues. The clues were a reference to Saint Ignatius of Loyola, the sports people Havlicek, Orr and Ortiz to go by. From this, you have to find the location. I headed out on a Saturday with my clues in hand which took me to Boston College. There is a church there called St Ignatius, BC is a Jesuit school (oh there are 10 Jesuit colleges in the US ), and the sports people certainly could live in Chestnut Hill. The other Jesuit school was Holy Cross in Worcester and I know those guys don't live there. I rode around BC for about and hour and half and came up tugged. Nada, I headed home.

I called EasyEd and got his wife Bikertrix on the phone who commenced to say " I know where it is and neener neener neener. I left a message with Trix to tell her to tell EE that he was an asshole. Of course this is all in with great humor. Coming up empty handed is all part of the game and adds to the fun. That evening EE put up an additional clue about the guys living in the richest town in MA and viola, of course Weston, it could be no other place. Google Weston and Jesuit and it leads you right to the Jesuit Retreat Center.

Sunday I captured the tag, and posted up mine which was this location. Do you know where it is ? Ken did.

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