Friday, April 10, 2009

Chasin Overload P2 - HD New England Tour

Every year, well at least the last 2, the New England Harley Davidison dealerships sponsor their NE Tour . Essentially you travel to 24 dealerships (in 2008 there were 26) , get a stamp on your tour card and when you are all done you mail the card in and you get a 20 gift certifcate to be used at a dealership of your choice. You are also entered into a drawing for a new HD drawn in January. In 2008 there were only around 90 of us riders that completed the card, so your odds are much better than say, winning 278,535,761 in a lottery. You can find more info on this tour here

Last year, I offered the NER group, dinner for anyone that completed the card first. I figured I would finish first, but alas I didn't and it was my pleasure to buy lunch for Ed at the drawing this past January. A bunch of us that completed the card, showed up at Sheldon's in Auburn MA for the drawing. None of us were selected, but it was a great day to make a winter day go by, visit with some great people, lunch at Wild Willy's Burgers and then some dessert in West Boylston someplace and go home and dream about spring. Here's some pics from the event

LunaticTim, STDave and PhatPat waiting for the drawing

OSJ saying HI

As usual I am getting off point. I will be chasin down these HD dealerships again this year. For me the farthest and the deal breaker for most is Plourdes HD in Caribou Maine. That is 500 miles from here, but it is a great ride. The furthest south is Bridgeport CT, however that is an afternoon ride for me. I have some other stuff to chase in the Caribou area, which is in the next post.

Last years card

Lunch is on me for the first to complete the card. You IN ??

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