Sunday, April 19, 2009

You meet the friendliest people on a Honda

or on any motorcycle for that matter.

As MeAsWe and Me finished the photo snap of the Connecticut tag

we decided a piece of pie (ala mode of course) and coffee would be a good end of the day treat and good nourishment for beginning the ride home.

As soon as we sat down the couple at the next booth started up a conversation with us and about our motorcycle and riding. Our brief remarks back about our riding developed into a full kitchen table conversation with people it felt like we had known for years, but had fallen out of contact with. The couple, Barbara and Bill, were about our age, maybe a wee bit older. Barbara was from Florida and moved up north when she was a teenager. Bill, I believe lived up here for all his life and met Barbara soon after she moved up here. They were from Bronx and they come to this area of Connecticut to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

It dawned on me and I made a comment to MeAsWe, that this occurs all the time. Now I am a friendly person and so is MeAsWe, but there is just something about us coming into a restaurant, or other public place that people just seem to strike up a conversation with us. My guess it is the motorcycle and the riding clothes and helmets we wear. To those people it seems we represent a sense of freedom, adventure, discovery and bravery that makes them want to be part of our journey's, so they strike up a conversation.

After about 45 minutes, Barbara and Bill, got up and left the restaurant and MeAsWe and Me were left with some new found friends. I am sure if we find ourselves in the Bronx, we just might run into them again.

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