Saturday, April 11, 2009

OSJ Meet and Greet

This past Saturday OSJ had his Meet and Greet. This is an informal way of the NER to get together at the beginning of the season. OSJ cooks breakfast for all us, well he does have some help, but for the most part it is his show. This year we had a 50/50 raffle for some fellow NERs that have had some unfortunate circumstances. The husband has undergone a bone marrow transplant to help fight the leukemia has. His wife during all of this found herself in the hospital having multiple heart bypass surgery. Lets hope for the best.

At the drawing, Teri pictured here, did the honors of drawing the winner. She drew this winner

Who just happens to be Dave, Teri's husband. Hmmmm. Oh Dave donated his share of the 50/50 back to the couple in need. What a great Dude, eh.

I found these magnetic stickers in kitchen where Jim held the event and being the point ho that I am I took them outside for a more proper presentation. Flags are worth 300 points soooooooooo.Yeah I dragged Nicole out too.

This is Lunatic Tim and StDave Here's our host saying hi

Around 1pm most everyone had scooted off. Those of us that came on bikes this morning had a rainy ride home. To finish up the day, Alan, Jan, Nicole, Ken, Sandy, and MeAsWe and me stopped at this place.
Yeah yeah it's worth 1,000 points in the treasure hunt. As part of the days ride, MeAsWe got initiated riding in the rain. I heard this song about Raindrops Keep Fallin on My Helmet coming from the back. I have to say MeAsWe is a trooper and ready for our long distance ride coming up. Oh by the time we got home the temperature had drop into the 30's brrrrrrr.

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