Friday, April 10, 2009

Chasin Overload P3 - The Treasure Hunt

Here we go again. OSJ has reactivated the OSJ Treasure Hunt. The concept is pretty easy. He provides a list of things to get, you get on your bike, ride there, take a picture of those things with you and/or your bike in the picture, post em up on the thread, and accumulate points. This hunt runs from April 1 (which he started early on March 24) and ends November 30, 2009. The one with the most points wins.

This years general category includes the following:
Cannon.....100 points
Animal statute.....300 points
Thru Truss bridge....500 points
parallel marker.....1000 points
Tank....100 points
Italian Motorcycle Dealership.....300 points
Reservoir (must have sign with name of the reservoir).....100 points
Statue of a soilder holding a weapon. Must have bike in the photo so I can tell from the scenery you are in a different place.....200 points
Town with same first or last name of US president*.....500 points
Water Wheel (double your points if water is running thru it).....500 points
American Flag, other than a traditional cloth flag.....300 points
Horse drawn carriage (double your points if a horse is hooked up).....300 points
city or town with any of the 4 compass points as part of the Official* name.....200 points
Follow the trail of the whispering giants.....500 points
Mural, must be on outside of building.....400 points
Transportation museum.....1000 points
You and bike on a Ferry.....1000 points
Find a NER calander and find those spots.....500 points

As you can see the items have different point values and you can get as many as you want.

Now you have to think a little of of the box on the items and test the Rally Bastard (OSJ) on the items. Within the first couple of days, Dave posted up a depot of around 50 gas tanks and the RB accepted this. So we are all off taking pictures of tanks. I posted up this picture of tanks on motorcycles.

The Rally Bastard decided this was abit over the top, and amended the rules on tanks. They have to be bigger than your bike, so I purchased a new bike specifically for the rally.

In addition to the general category there pictures of places to get and riddles to solve for some places. Some are easy and some not so easy. These are worth more than the items in the general category ranging from 1,500 to 10,000 points. I know most of them, but there is one picture of a building that is absolutely driving me nuts. Do you know where it is. Post up a note for me and help me out.

You can see the entire OSJ Treasure Hunt here.

This would easy if the list was fixed, but each month OSJ has a bonus item that is worth X amount of points. OSJ screws with your mind on these and posts clues in the form of poems. The April 2009 Bonus is as follows:


The rally has startedwith all its mightthe keyboards are a flutter
with clicking all night

The first month bonus will bring some down
for the challenge is harder
and might make you frown

So the first locationyour bikes must go
is near something so mystic
you cant see below

This city you must searchwas home to one that flew
and another gruesome deaththat left no clue

the address you searchwas famous for such
for flying they did
and destruction so much

We find them all overour country's great land
but they came from this place
at this mans hand

The house is simple
for here's its
this photo was taken
around 1862

now look real close
its what is missing is clue
to the place that you search
that will help you accrue

The point total is hidden
solve this riddle and ride
then post up your findings
you'll be filled with pride


So can you figure it out. I worked and worked and finally asked OSJ for some additional clues. Apparently I wasn't the only one that couldn't figure out where we were suppose to go. OSJ posted this as a follow up:


so some help is neededfor this riddle I spewsome ends are dead, or wrong
for this was tough I knew

first find the city you seekwill lead you to the cluefor here are two , that
I did not write to you

Just get a bob tailed bay
Two forty as his speed
Hitch him to an open sleigh
And crack! you'll take the lead


The blessings forthcomingwhen a semi insulator is found
to harness gravity, and prevent
airplanes from crashing to the ground

now either of the stanza
you read aboveshould help you find the city
and the solution thereof

Once the city is foundthe answer will seem so smugfor you will not believeit all came from a roll


With the additional clue MeAsWe and I figured out where we needed go and what to get. OSJ is one fricken warped dude.

This the Treasure Hunt. MeAsWe and I are ready to consume many gallons of gas and absolutely destroy, trounce, pound to pulp, burn them into oblivion, reek a shock and awe campaign against all the riders against us. Oh oh this is suppose to be fun and I am sure we will all have a great time. Just think of the things we will see along the way.


Anonymous said...

I still can't figure this one out either.


OSj said...

Blast from past...made me lol willy!!