Thursday, April 30, 2009

Treasure Hunt goes Taggin

OSJ has added a new bonus to the treasure hunt. Capture any 2 Tags and possess both of at the same time you will earn 5,000 points.

Of course, with this added incentive and the MA and RI tags only a measley 150 mile trip from Home, MeAsWe and I set out to get our first set. As soon as I got home from work (around 6pm), we suited up and headed out in the balmy 50 degree weather for this place arriving around 7:15pm.
With the first tag under our belt, it was off to Bristol, RI for the matching tag. We arrived around 9pm. With the sun asleep for the day, we had to use the spot light we carry for just such occassions. It semi worked throwing enough light to enable some additional photo enhancement to show the tag.

With both tags bagged we headed home to post up the pics. I tried posting up from my new notebook on site, but apparently the dang thing has lost its drivers for the mouse touch pad and I didn't have a USB mouse with me. Arriving home around 11pm we posted up and grabbed the 5,000 points for the dual tags.

It was right around 11:30, it dawned on me where we were going to ride for the weekend. Having a day off from work coming to me, this made a nice 3 day weekend to put some serious miles on. We were headed for Vermont to grab the Tag there and some other treasure hunt places. I figured if we grabbed Vermont, that would give us 3 combinations of 2 tag sets or 15,000 points. Of course, once we were in Vermont, New Hampshire tag was just down the road a piece giving us 4 tags or 6 matchng 2 Tag sets for a total of 30,000 and then Maine was only up the pike a bit. With 5 tags you get 10 2 tag sets, for 50,000 points. Now I already had CT tag bagged before this started so someone would have to chase this one down, so we could lock up all 6 that would be 15 combinations or 75,000 points. Not too shabby eh and quite doable too. Stay tuned for an update .

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