Monday, March 30, 2009

NPT Part Deux - The Plan

Since completing the Iron Butt National Park Tour last October, I have been anxiously waiting for winter to pass and spring 2009 to arrive, to begin NPT Part Deux.. During the winter I have had my finger to the mouse, planning the next journey. On May 9th, we head south to as far south as Sebastian FL, head over to Tampa FL to ride up the coast into the Montgomery AL area, back down to the coast around Pensacola, then over to New Orleans. This will be the most southern and western point of the journey. From New Orleans, we head north thru Mississippi following the GRR (Great River Road) to Memphis with a stop at Arkansas Post National Memorial. From Memphis we head east to Shiloh National Park turning north to Mammouth Cave in Kentucky, weeve our way to Cincinnati to pick up William Howard Taft National Historic Site. From there we head toward Athens, OH my alma mater and a possible visit with a very very good friend of mine, Harold. Everyone else calls him Butch, I just never could bring myself to call him that. I met Harold in Room 339 Washington Hall at OU. Harold was my roommate and best man at my first wedding. In Athens, we will pick up a pic of Cutler Hall ( a National Landmark ) and then off to West Virginia for some more ink. From there we head to Flight 99 crash site to pay our respects and then meander across Pennsylvania thru Scranton and back home. All in all, this will be a 17 day journey, with very limited super slab miles ( major interstates ) covering 70 National Parks, numerous National Landmarks, lighthouses, local unusual sites, a couple of HD dealers to add to my shot glass collection, archeological sites, diners, dives and drive-ins (even some of the places that we all have seen on TV), ferry crossings in its 5800+ mile wanderings.

Here's a global view of the journey.

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