Monday, March 16, 2009

Something for Nothing

It’s Saturday and my partner in crime, Crystal and I, are romping all over the Connecticut country side hunting down National Landmarks. Our first stop was Henry Bowen’s place called Roseland located in Woodstock. We were then off to Lebanon to pickup John Trumball’s Birthplace and William Williams House. Lebanon is chocked full of historic places with many other locations on the National Register of Historic Places, but today it was all about National Landmarks. As we finished up at the Trumball location, I mounted the bike and got ready for Crystal to hop on back I then saw this rock with a plaque on it. I just couldn’t let it go, so I asked Crystal to go over and see what it said. I was too lazy to get off the bike. She walked over, stood there for a second and then I saw her shoulders moving in an up and down motion. She came back to the bike and I said, “Is this something I need to take a picture of”.

So kickstand down, dismount, get the camera out and walk over to the monument.

The dismount view

Getting closer

And the Plaque

For those who are looking for this, it is right next to John Trumball's Birthplace in Lebanon, CT.

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