Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Please Don’t Let be Misunderstood

This morning I got up at 4:30 because...because...because..well I just did. Went thru the usual routines. Took the coffee ground cup and stem out of the percolator so I could reheat the leftover coffee from yesterday, washed a couple of dishes, settled down in my chair at the computer, looked up a bunch of landmarks, transferring them to the GPS via Google Maps, [so that I can eventually transfer them to MapSource], did some other stuff, and finished 2nd in a poker tournament at Poka After finishing lookin up the Landmarks for the states of Connecticut and New Hampshire, I read my usual forums (NER and NPS Motorcycle Touring).

At the NER forum I had 2 links indicating the “[2 to Me]”. The first one was about how I am going to have to get a new nickname (NomadWillie), since I am selling the Nomad. The other was a response from someone that had posted about doing all the New England capitols in one day which would be around 750 miles. I responded to him that he might as well add 250 miles and get his SS1000 from the IBA

His response to me was

"Being of Scottish descent I have an aversion to paying someone else to ride a ride. I do them for me and dont need a paper on the wall."

This irked me and I was just about to hit the keys and make the keys flutter like stinging bumble bees, but I took another sip of coffee and simply said, some things ya just gotta let go.

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PatnWilton said...

I can learn some valuable lessons from you! (and I'm not talking about reheated day old coffee.)