Friday, August 22, 2014

WWW Tour - I'm Going Home - Day 7

Goin' home, my baby
Goin' home, my baby
Goin' home, to see my baby

Our baby, how good
My baby, be good
I'm goin' home, my baby
Home to see my girl

Alvin Lee ~ Ten Years After - 1966

Last night we had dinner at Romeos Pizza & Sports Pub, having a great individual pizza while we watched the Little League World Series run off. If you are looking for a place to it, I would recommend this place. After dinner I planned my next day route with a fully loaded schedule of Double Down towns. Bill and Walt will not be following me. The plan for the day.

T 2014 08 22

For breakfast we hit a place called the Egg and I, another place I would recommend. This appears to be a franchise type operation in it's early stages and they would appear to be doing things right from a chain restaurant perspective.

DSC_0751_2_3Enhancer ES

After breakfast Bill and Walt headed north and I headed a bit north and west to Westbrook ME. I knew I had grabbed a Westbrook in CT, but I did not know if the one in CT ended with an "E" or not. (when I got home I the one in CT was the same, so this was a grab that didn't need to be)

DSC_0754_5_6Enhancer ES

Off to Biddleford.

DSC_0757_8_9Enhancer ES

Riding to the next spot came across this abandoned hospital. Built in 1950 and in use until 2005. Supposedly haunted too.

DSC_0766_7_8Enhancer ES

Just outside of the Biddleford Poll Yacht Club stopped for the view.

DSC_0784_5_6Enhancer ES

I got the pleasure of riding thru Kennebunkport on a sunny afternoon. Even on Friday this placed was jammed, but by the looks of things these folks don't have to work anymore. Check out the plate in front of me from Florida.

DSC_0796_7_8Enhancer ES

Heading into Kennebunk you will pass the Wedding Cake House. This is the most photographed house in Maine. Gee I fell right into that one. Built by George W Bourne, a shipbuilder, in 1825. Bourne got the idea for the elaborate ornamentation while touring Europe. He came home and began adding the intricate woodworkings and carvings. It was said of Bourne "The highly skilled carpenter knew no limits to his skill"

DSC_0805_6_7Enhancer ES

DSC_0808_09_10Enhancer ES

A ride into West Kennebunk.

DSC_0829_30_31Enhancer ES

The Baptist Church was the target for Kittery Point I used the fire station instead. Pictured is the Baptist Church. A much prettier picture.

DSC_0856_7_8Enhancer ES

Greenland up next (I have skipped a bunch of DD towns, you can view them in the slideshow)

DSC_0871_2_3Enhancer ES

While grabbing Northwood I went back to this garage for a picture.

DSC_0895_6_7Enhancer ESS

Found my way into New Hampshire for the East Derry, Derry and Londonderry trifecta.

DSC_0925_6_7Enhancer ES

DSC_0928_29_30Enhancer ES

DSC_0931_2_3Enhancer ES

From here I headed north again and east for Seabrook. While making my way up 95 there was a bike pulled over under a underpass. I pulled over to see if they were ok. It was an old biker and his lady friend. He looked like he had seen some miles on his bike and in life. So did his lady friend, maybe even a bit more miles. Traffic was heavy and he walked out on the highway to stop traffic to let me get back in. It is these little moments while riding that significantly adds to the adventure.

While Merrimac was not scheduled I knew it was up this way.

DSC_0937_8_9Enhancer ES

I don't know if Skips hamburgers are the best, but his sign is.

DSC_0940_1_2Enhancer ES

Last stop was Georgetown for Team Strange Airhead 30 Anniversary tour. This covers the GE in Strange. Gotta spell out the phrase with town names.

DSC_0949_50_51Enhancer ES

280 miles to get home to MeAsWe open arms. It's good to be home.

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