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WWW Tour - Get off my Cloud - Day Four

I said, Hey! You! Get off of my cloud
Hey! You! Get off of my cloud
Hey! You! Get off of my cloud
Don't hang around 'cause two's a crowd
On my cloud, baby

Mick Jagger / Keith Richards - Rolling Stones - 1965

I have resigned myself to a life of rain in Nova Scotia. Again I might be wrong.

We had dinner at Charlene's last night. I had ordered the penne with shrimp and stuff. Our waitress said "Are you sure you want that" "I would recommend the fish chowder" Boy was she right. Some of the best I have ever had. Trip Advisor gives it a 4.5 stars and Urban Spoon a solid 5 Stars. This is worth a stop.

Right next to us were 2 couples from the Palmer, MA area. Small world. They also were on bikes and rode thru hail storms. And we thought we had it bad with the rain.

The place that Annette in Port Hastings set up for us to stay in Whycocomaugh. Not a bad place to stay for the night. We had the space above the office. Kitchen, living space, 3 separate beds.

DSC_0246_7_8Enhancer ES

Having had such a great meal last night, we stopped in for breakfast too. Eggs are eggs so I can't quite whoop it up over those. Walked out to go for a ride and we are presented with this.


DSC_0252_3_4Enhancer ES

DSC_0261_2_3Enhancer ES

Does this mean the rain is over??

Stopped for Whycocomaugh sign. Yup the COCO counts since it is a repeating pattern of letters, at least it is in my book.

DSC_0249_50_51Enhancer ES

We are headed for the Alexander Graham Bell Historic Site and museum back in Baddeck, NS.

Couple of DD stops before Baddeck.

DSC_0292_3_4Enhancer ES

DSC_0295_6_7Enhancer ES

The outside of the museum.

DSC_0307_8_9Enhancer ES

DSC_0313_4_5Enhancer ES

Little harbor right across the street.

DSC_0319_20_21Enhancer ES

I always thought Alex only did the phone. Alex also did work on optical telecommunications, hydrofoils and aeronautics. He was also one of the founding members of the National Geographic Society.

DSC_0343 ES

DSC_0368_69_70Enhancer ES

DSC_0373 ES

From Graham's place we headed toward Sydney to ride down RT 4 next to Bras d'Or Lake recommended by one of the folks in a Visitor Center. I missed all of the other opportunities for the signs for the Cabot Trail. Figured I better pick this one up since we are leaving the area.

DSC_0387_8_9Enhancer ES

Bras d"or Lake and Seal Island Bridge, the 3rd longest span bridge in Nova Scotia

DSC_0396_7_8Enhancer ES

DSC_0405_6_7Enhancer ES


I simply grabbed this picture because I have not see an Esso sign since the 60's.


On our way into Sydney I spotted a restaurant featuring chicken. From the looks of it, it is definetly a mom and pop type place. I tried to take a picture, but I could not get my camera out fast enough, the light had changed and had a 10 wheeler barreling down on me. I shamefully stole this one from the internet.


The next event could have ruined the day. Running smoothly into Sydney and all of a sudden the FJR just dies. Out of gas, can't be. Try jump starting by popping the clutch nothing. Pull over, which Bill follows. I dismount, walk to the front of his bike and shrug my shoulders, gesturing I don't have a clue. Bill gets off and I say maybe I blew the main fuse some how. We get ready to take off the seat, plastic and what ever else we need to tear off to get a what ever is wrong. I then look and see the kill switch is in the off position. Vrrooommm, purrrrrrrrrrr. Bill is relieved that we don't have to perform roadside surgery, and me, well let's just say I don't mind looking stupid in this instance.

I rarely use the throttle lock on my bike, but when I do I have to reach over with my left hand to twist it into a locking position. I must off hit the kill switch with my sleeve as I tried adjusting the lock. Hey I can take pictures on the fly in the rain descending a mountain on a twisty road, so I can be uncoordinated in some things.

Couple of pictures from the saddle on the Bras d'Or Scenic Highway.



Road construction on 4. In Canada they have runner trucks that you must follow on roads with construction on it. We have passed a couple during our travels, however this one was especially long. I reached the beginning of the run just in time and when I got to the end, knew Bill and Walt would not be coming for quite a while. I dismounted and laid down on a nicely grass section and closed my eyes for a while.

DSC_0411_2_3Enhancer ES

When we all finally meet up I lead and quickly lost them in my mirrors. As I came down a hill with a street entering from the right, I spotted my first Mountie. Lots of brakes to get me down to a respectable over the limit speed. That Mountie followed me for about 15 minutes at 90 kph all the way into to Port Hawkesbury. As I entered Port Hawesbury I realized I had my flashers on the whole time. Well I was going kind of slow, for me.

The intent was to stay in Port Hastings for the night. On our way into Part Hawkesbury (right next to Port Hastings) we stopped at a Tim Horton's for a bite to eat. One of the workers got talking to Bill and she recommended a place right across the street to stay. She even went as far as making a phone call for us, however the line was busy. WOW you just don't see that kind of friendly much anymore. The folks of Nova Scotia are generally and genuinely NICE. They seem to enjoy life and try to impart some of that joy to their visitors. Might be a nice place to live someday.

No rooms to be found in 2 calls in Port Hastings / Hawkesbury. Bill tried the place we stayed in at Antigonish. We got the same suite we stayed in on Day 2. Perfect. Just under 200 miles for the day, but considering we spent quite a bit of time at the Bell museum the day was full.

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