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WWW Tour - Rain Drops Keep Falling on My Helmet - Day Two

Raindrops keep fallin' on my head
But that doesn't mean my eyes will soon be turning red
Crying's not for me
Cause I ain't gonna stop the rain by complaining
Hal David and Burt Bacharach ~ 1969 ~ Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid

Up bright and early, Walt and Bill remain in bed, it is still dark out. We have a kitchen but not a coffee grain in site. Water water everywhere, in puddles, rinsing the bike, too wet to walk to the office for coffee in socks. Boots were made for walking and coming back empty handed, the office is still closed. I wonder what time it is, maybe 4 or 5, it's even too early for the sun. Try to upload a few pics from the Acer to FB, no way that is gonna happen, the Acer has seen better days. Couple of decisions has been made. I can't trust the Acer to carry the photos any longer, I will just keep them on the 32g card, I have 4 of them and a 16g card to spare. Now I have to be careful about what buttons I push that are in the menu system. Can you say format NO.

Open the door, office still closed, rain is still here. Bill and Walt get up complaining about the noise I am making. I think this moment has firmed up me getting the separate room within the suites or the extra room when a place does not have 3 separate beds. We always split the total cost of the rooms 3 ways anyways, except the nights the Duck Dynasty Duo decide to camp. Come on rain !!

Sun is up, but hidden by the clouds and rain. Breakfast at the office of cereal, pastries in plastic wrappers, coffee and bananas. No more $23 pancake for me. The wusses have covers for their bikes, us FJR folks are either more in tune with nature, or just to cheap to buy a cover and too lazy to put it on if we did have one. Travel light.

I am the last out the door, wrestling with my one piece Olympian suit, with the upper torso covered by my newly acquired Frogg Togg top. I am the first one to cross the street and wait for Bill and Walt to get their bikes started and lined up behind me. Today I have no Double Down towns marked, it will be a pure snatch and grab, when I see them.

First stop is St John just over a 110kms away. Yes we have converted our GPS's to kilos from miles. Lets see at 100Kph that is just a little over an hour.

According to Garmin there is a Starbucks around here someplace, but all we could find was a Tim Horton's. Tim is the Dunkin of Canada with 3,600+ locations just in CA. Actually their presentation and selection is much nicer, and the food is much better.

DSC_9958_59_60Enhancer ES

DSC_9951 E

Just outside of St John's we hook a right and head for the coast to see the Bay of Fundy. Scenery becomes very countrified and guess what I come across. Garnett Settlement Christian Church. That's worth 2 points in the Double Down Tour. TT and TT.

DSC_9967_8_9Enhancer ES

As I crested the hill the made a sweep to the left, the Bay of Fundy came into view. We are in Black River, NB and I stop on a bridge to take a couple of pics. Giff stopped and I walked over to him with camera in hand and he said he was going to ride on. No problem, I will catch up with ya. Walt took off following Giff. We decided to meet at the intersection of 825 and 111, some 10kms away or just over 6 miles.

DSC_9988_89_90Enhancer ES

DSC_9982_3_4Enhancer ES

DSC_9970_1_2Enhancer ES 1

DSC_0001_2_3Enhancer ES

About 15 minutes later, 6 minutes to ride and 9 minutes for pictures, there is no sign of Bill or Walt. OK head up the road, where I had a specially marked Waypoint in the GPS's which I call decision WP's whether we want to ride the Fundy Trail Parkway. Stopped and waited at the XTR gas station, waited some more and then some more, called them, and waited. Spent about 20 minutes here and mounted up and headed up 111 to Sussex. At the corner of 111 and 1 there they were.

Two DD ops Sussex Corner and Sussex.

DSC_0004_5_6Enhancer ES

DSC_0007_8_9Enhancer ES

DSC_0013_4_5Enhancer F ES

Up RT1 hang a right onto 114 heading for Fundy National Park. Of course I stop for the entrance sign and Bill and Walt go blasting by me. Get my pic and head out into the park and see a toll booth and pull in. No signs of Bill and Walt. 4 RV type vehicles ahead of me and it is taking a long time. I finally get off and walk up to the booth and ask if I need to pay. There is no way Bill and Walt stopped here. She said not if I was just riding thru. I asked her permission to ride across the grass to get back on the road, and she said I have no problems with that. In Alma take shift to the right onto 915 to get closer to the bay, which is a short 5+ mile diversion, which merges back into 114. This is where Bill and Walt were waiting for me.

DSC_0028_29_30Enhancer ES

DSC_0034_5_6Enhancer ES

DSC_0059_60_61Enhancer ES

DSC_0056_7_8Enhancer ES

DSC_0068_69_70Enhancer ES

DSC_0062_3_4Enhancer ES

They are changing gear and I said I am heading back down the road, there was a great shoe tree that I just had to have a pic of. This was reminiscent of the one along US50 in Nevada that was chopped down by some vandals. Well it didn't have as many shoes, but it was still standing.

DSC_0086_7_8Enhancer ES A

When I got back, Bill and Walt were still futzing with stuff, so I didn't cause any delays. Recollection the weather has turned brighter and sunnier, so the change in gear.  We made the decision to head into Antigonish the fastest route since we were still 3 hours out. Originally we were gonna ride the northern coast for some sea scenes, but we (at least 2 of us) figured we were going to see the sea for the next 4 or so days.

I lost Bill and Walt once again because I headed into Dieppe for a DD sign. I didn't see them again for the rest of the day until they got to the Homeward Inns of Canada in Antigonish. How I got in front of them I have no clue, but it was a good 30 to 45 minutes before they arrived. Had time to get some fries at the McDonalds next door, take a short nap, and watch the folks register at the hotel.

DSC_0101_2_3Enhancer ES

Checking in they had a suite that was over the office with one room with 2 double beds and a separate room with a single double bed. Remember at the beginning of this post about me being separated from the group. Just like the road, I got to sleep with my sleep apena machine all alone. If you close your eyes, one can think they are by the ocean as the machine pulsates air into your body, suck air in, push air out, suck in, push out, in, out.................

It was a great day of riding, some nice scenery and lots of pine trees, Matter of fact I don't think I have seen a tree with leaves on it since Calais, ME. Todays miles are just over 400, bringing our 2 day total just under 1000 miles.

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