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WWW Tour - Waiting on Willie- Day One

It's a beautiful day to begin the WWW Tour (William, Walt and Willie) heading for Nova Scotia. I got over to Giff's (William) about 6AM with the expectation we would take off around 6:16. Bill was ready his bike piled high for a trip over the Andes Mountains. Mine was neatly packed away. 6:15 came and went, no Walt yet. Bill gave him a call and he thought we said 6:15ish, given that he was still late. Walt finally arrived, took the required pictures standing around the bikes, which turned out like crap so I didn't post them.

DSC_9744_5_6Enhancer ES

We all had decided it was best to head up to Augusta Maine via I-95, since the objective was to ride the roads in Nova Scotia. I had downloaded all of our GPS's with multiple routes, mine was a Double Down Grand Tour route, which would add at least 60 miles to the trip. Bill provided a 2720 to Walt which never used a GPS before. Traffic was light for the most part and we made good time. I passed the sign that said Main Turnpike Civil Engineering Landmark again. One of these days I will stop and get it. I pulled into the Kennebunk rest area, not for rest, but figured that we would have a sign for Kennebunk with the 2 NN's

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My plans was stop and go, however they decided this would be a good break area. Off on the running again up to Exit 148 and I got off to head for some Double Down towns. William (bill), Walt and I (Willie) had a brief discussion about the route they could follow to St Stephen if they did not want to follow me and stop at a bunch of places. Actually there were 2 routes they could have chosen. Bill said he would follow for a while.

I was glad Bill followed, because when I pulled into this place I could not find a sign with the town name on it. You would think they would have the sign on the front of the school.

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Just up the road with the North version of Vassalboro.

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Next up is Freedom ME. Here's the other WW's waiting on the W.

DSC_9795_6_7Enhancer ES

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We wound ourselves along ME137 to Morrill ME.

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Bill got to talking to this old guy (actually we are old guys, but I don't think of myself as old) who to me looked like an old sea captain. Actually looks like a Delta Tug Boat person. Thinking of the song Ride Captain Ride.

DSC_9813 E

DSC_9816 ES

Brief jaunt on I395, off at Brewer and headed down River Rd, along the Penobscot River heading into Orrington.

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Lunch at the Bucksport House of Pizza for a great grilled chicken cob salad. I pointed out Fort Knox and the Penobscot Bridge. What was missing was the Waldo Hancock Bridge which was the first long span suspension bridge in Maine. It was built in 1929 and demolished in 2013. Fort Knox was built in 1844 of granite and built to defend the Penobscot River. It never saw any action and was designated a National Historic Landmark in 1970.

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I have skipped some of the towns we stopped at, next up Sorrento. There is absolutely nothing interesting about this town.

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Cherryfield, ME, why would anyone go here. Well there are RR's in that name. Andy Santerre of NASCAR fame lived here, so did Carlton Willey, pitcher for the Mets and Braves.

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I just love how Harrington ME is spelled. What ya want for a dollar. No Spelling Bee champions were born here.

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Addison was a hook to the right, Bill and Walt were still following me, which shocked the shit out me. Addison contributes to my ADD for seeking towns with weird letter combinations. This town is right around 1200 folks and they have 40 cemeteries here. Sounds like a Stephen King novel waiting to happen. I can see the Zombie gangs have a dirt war (turf to us)over who controls the access to RT1.

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Perry is home to the 45 degree marker along RT1. You are half way between the equator and the North Pole at this spot. I pulled into the pull out to show Bill and Walt. They simply pulled over onto RT1 probably figuring there was a double down sign someplace. That was at another location.

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At this point we have made the turn and no longer heading east but going north now. Last double down town is Robbiston, ME. Population 574 and Laurence Trimble, silent film actor, writer and director lived here, might have even been born here, but he is not saying.

DSC_9891_2_3Enhancer ES

The patience is amazin.

DSC_9894_5_6TM ES

All of us passed thru customs with a breeze in Calais, ME. St Stephen is just up the road a piece. We are in New Brunswick. We stayed at the Scoodic Motel, which turned out to be a great place. We had the cabin which had 2 double beads in one room and a double bed in another room, small kitchen and bath to complete the accommodations. This guy offered his garage out back to put our bikes in out back. Price was very reasonable and recommend it to anyone body passing thru.

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Back into St Stephen proper we had dinner at Carmen's. I ordered a SINGLE blueberry pancake, cup of coffee and a piece of blueberry pie. My bill came to to $23 and change. I still can't get over it. We were told that dining in Canada was pricey. I didn't have another pancake while I was in NB or NS. Flour is too expensive.

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So Day One is complete with 476 miles on the first day. We need to cross over New Brunswich, which was a whole lot of nothing when I went to Prince Edward Island.

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