Saturday, June 14, 2014

Waypoint gone Way Bad

Last night I was making the final tweaks to the routes for the first 2 days and getting them loaded to the Nuvi 855 and 1490. I wasn't going to mount 2 GPS's like I do on the bike, but somethings are just so ingrained at this point.

For some reason I zoomed in on the route to the first night hotel. The Waypoint was placed in such a way it would be like that old TV commercial GO RIGHT HERE, jump the guardrail and land in the ditch on the other side. At that point we would have to walk the rest of the way to the Best Western.

Bad Waypoint

So the fix is applied with Mapsource, pull both GPS's, delete the routes and waypoints and resend the whole mess back down to the units. Just to make sure I zoomed in on the 1490 to make sure it did take. Huh??? there is nothing but green all around the GPS. Where's the streets ???. Do the same with the 855 and it looks like it is suppose to do.

The 1490 has lifetime map updates and sometime in the past I must have updated the maps and selected lower 48 only. Canada, our short cut to Detroit has no maps for the is area of the continent. I was not about to do a map update and really screw things up.

The corrected view.

WP 2

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