Saturday, June 14, 2014

A Little Partying, Getting Out of Town before Sundown

Today were are heading for Minnesota, but we are first attending a surprise party for my daughter Tavana. A couple of weeks ago she graduated from Phoenix University with her Associates Degree. No small feat, especially considering she works full time. Congrats to "T". Dani, my other daughter, pulled all the details together with Jeff (T's boyfriend). This was no small feat either, since Dani works with "T" on the same projects at their company. Well done Dani, especially hiding your texting, Facebook'in and phone calls from T.  The cute food stuff was good too.

The preparations

Tavana Surprise Graduation Party

Tavana Surprise Graduation Party
Hard to hold camera in one hand, the object in another hand, focus and pull off a good shot,
At least for me.

Tavana Surprise Graduation Party
Jeff is the quintessential gadget guy, especially when it involves BBQ. Maybe that's why his BBQ is so good though

Tavana arrives after spending all morning at the zoo with Kristen

Tavana Surprise Graduation Party

My kids and my kid's kid

Tavana Surprise Graduation Party
Skyler aka Sky

Tavana Surprise Graduation Party
Danielle aka Dani and the main meal

Tavana Surprise Graduation Party
Tavana aka T the guest of honor and recent grad

Tavana Surprise Graduation Party
Kristian aka K2

My partner in crime, Crystal aka MeAsWe.

Tavana Surprise Graduation Party

We only packed a few beers for the party since we had a 450+ mile trip ahead of us, but they sure did go down real easy. We had to leave just as the party kicked into high gear.

It was hard to leave the party, but we had some miles to put away. Heading out I-90 thru New York to Niagara Falls, for the final destination of St Catharines in Ontario. Earlier in the week I had Giff rotate my tires. They are nearing the end of their lives and are making a racket. Thud thud thud, turn up the stereo, open the sun roof and drown out the moaning tires. New sneakers will be the first item on the list, when we get back.

Some shots from the road. Crystal must have been driving and I was bored so I started experimenting with the camera.

On the Road Barn

A change of drivers in the rest area and a New York historic marker for Waymarking to boot

DSC_3288_89_90Balanced E

Day turns to night, breezed thru customs and arrived at the Best Western in St Catharines.

DSC_3302 +2_002 E3A

CLICK HERE for an expanded slide show.

The trip that began at 4:45 PM and ended at 11:43PM

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