Sunday, June 15, 2014

Taking it to the Streets

On Newark St right near the abandoned Penn Station just outside downtown Detroit is some amazing Street Art. Amazin what one can do to brighten up a street with imagination and a can of spray paint. These, at least in my opinion, are about 10 cuts above what you usually see. Enjoy.

DSC_3851_2_3Painterly ES

DSC_3872_3_4Painterly MES

DSC_3869 EC

DSC_3866_7_8Painterly ES

DSC_3863_4_5Painterly ES

DSC_3860_1_2Painterly ES

DSC_3857_8_9Painterly ES

DSC_3848_49_50Painterly ES

DSC_3842_3_4Painterly ES

DSC_3839_40_41Painterly ES

DSC_3836_7_8Painterly ES

DSC_3833_4_5Painterly ES

DSC_3824_5_6Painterly ES

DSC_3821_2_3Painterly ES

My own little creation

DSC_3867_68_72Painterly ES

These can be found right behind one of the iconic abandoned sights in Detroit

DSC_3890_1_2_tonemapped EStC

DSC_3881_2_3TM ES

Newark St Detroit MI

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