Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Best Buy at Best Buy

We are planning a road trip in the MINI to Minnesota and like our trips on the FJR the planning for this is the same. I decided to see what Best Buy had for Laptops or what ever they are called these days, so I went there Monday to kick some drives, push buttons and other stuff. Actually I stood around waiting for some sales help, because I figure this is only gonna be used for travel and then put away right next to the Acer Notebook we have until the next time we hit the road.

Brett (salesperson) stepped into the web. I described what I had and what I needed and then let him point the way thru the vast array of devices being displayed. My major criteria was the SD card download to the Acer was like reading War and Remembrance or one of Irving Wallace's novels. (am I dating myself???). I wanted something a little bit fast. That was my major need. I figured all of them will access the web, made sure it had Wi-Fi (that is probably standard now) and that it did have a SD card slot.

Brett showed my 3 options very quickly summarizing each. He then showed my an out of box floor display model, which was deeply discounted, had another POS markdown, with one curve ball. If I purchased it they needed to hold it a couple days while the Geek Squad cleans there in store stuff off the HD. Couple questions and we had a sale.

Brett then pointed out it does not have a box, which actually I found as a benefit. I won't get home unwrap and then ponder if I should save the box just in case I may need it someday. I would neatly stack with the other ones I have. I said "No Problem". He did point out I might want to consider a case. I saw one for 25 bucks and said would this work, to which he said, yeah, but you might want to consider some of the ones we have on clearance, plus you get another 50% off. I got one for a net price of $4.00, you read that right 4.00. I can't even imagine that is could be shipped for SriIndomalaguatagascar for that price.

Sum total of the purchase was under 300.00 before tax. Not bad. I think my Acer Notebook cost more than that 4 or 5 years ago.

The real point of this polysyllabic dribble is to commend Brett and Best Buy for the great customer service. It was OUTSTANDING and I walked away a little poorer in the pocket but enriched by the experience.

Best Buy is trying to survive in this brave new retailing world. I know for me I still appreciate great service.

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