Thursday, June 19, 2014

I will have Mayo with my Tour

My brother is a retired doc from the Mayo Clinic (he was the smart one and went to private school)(actually he went to private school because my Dad had a really good job that paid him a lot) and set us up for a tour of the Mayo Clinic. When you hear clinic I tend to think of those walk in medical places or the ones that have the protestors out in front as people go in the doors. The Mayo Clinic blew me away in its physical size, architecture, history, how busy it was and the efficiency the folks go about doing what ever they do for the clinic. And there are a lot of folks that work there, over 61,000 people work for the Mayo. They provided patient care for over 626,000 and most recently the Mayo was #1 hospital out of 5,000 in the US.

With that said I did take some pictures while we were on the tour, which is well worth taking. I also had my brother drop my off the next day as I wandered around the outside and inside of the clinic taking pictures. It was a great day even if by the end of the day I thought I was going to end up being a patient from all of the walking.

The Mayo was declared a National Historic Landmark in 1969 with the Plummer Building being the designated mark.

Some pics and a slideshow at the bottom of the post.

DSC_5833_4_5Enhancer ES
The Healing Wall

DSC_5791_2_3Enhancer ES

DSC_5675_6_7Enhancer ES
Plummer Building

DSC_5660_1_2Enhancer ES

DSC_5726_7_8Enhancer ESS

DSC_5295_6_7TM ESS

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