Friday, August 31, 2012

Now that is Service

Friday we went out to eat with some friends of ours at the Miss Mendon Diner. Our waitress was new, but that really had nothing to do with it. Well sorta, the manager, owner or head person did keep coming over and watching to make sure her new waitress was handling things all right. That is what you are supposed to do.

Toni and I ordered the meatloaf. Mic ordered the roast beef and MeAsWe ordered the Meatballs and Pasta. Diner was brought and I was pleasantly surprised they had replaced their beans with peas with the meatloaf.

MeAsWe took a bit of her food and did not like the taste. She had me take a taster and I think what she did not like was the recipe for the sauce. Toni took a bite and she said "That's just nor right". We called the waitress over and she immediately addressed the issue. She took to the plate away. With that the head person (owner, manager) came over and apologized for the meal and asked what MeAsWe wanted to replace the meal. MeAsWe got a BLT as a replacement, after all this is a diner.

When the bill came the owner, manager presented the bill and again apologized for the meal. She said of course we didn't charge you for the meatball diner, we also didn't charge you for the BLT. Quite expectant and sure made for a good customer experience out of it. It is things and events like this that represent great customer service. Sure makes me want to go back to the Miss Mendon.

An Archived photo of mine, it did not snow in Aug

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Runner said...

Sounds like a good diner in the true sense of the word. BTW: some of us are eating at Jack's Hot Dog Stand in North Adams MA on Labor Day. And I've called another RTE in Manchester Ctr, VT for next Saturday. Posted it on NER forum.