Saturday, August 25, 2012

Jumping Off

Hitting the road today for western part of Mass to grab the two Tour of Honor sites up in that corner. Been awhile since we have been up that way. Scott and Bonnie are coming along for the ride today to see what this chasin stuff is all about.

Going back to my roots for chasin stuff, I am  planning a stop at the Miss Florence Diner. After all these years I will finally have a meal there. What a great neon sign.

The meal was OK, but nothing EwwwAhhh about it. They do make there own hash, otherwise World Famous would have been the brand. Now out in the parking lot as we were prepping to leave, I almost took my first spill with the FJR. Somehow I got the steering head cocked into a full right turn and it seemed to catch on something as I tried to reverse my direction. I had the moment of perfect weightlessness, then the leg came out , the push off, the shoulder wrenched just abit, the dip and then things went upright. Apparently it did not look that bad, because the gang of three (MeAsWe, Scott, Bonnie) did not notice the acrobats I just went thru.

So the chase is on. The world of 112, 116, hippies, secretary of states, political left thoughts even some right ones, dire poorness, extreme wealth, sugarhouses, and fantastic fall covers, THE BERKSHIRES are about to unfold.

First grab of the day is Savoy for a USA town

From Savoy we make our way to the Miss Adams Diner. I have not eaten here yet, but I hear there is really nothing special about it either. Back in 1999, it would have been a different story. The owners then restored the inside of the diner, made it the local go to place and the food was supposedly great. Having poured their hearts and soul into the place the crushing weight of the bank notes forced them to sell. Since then it's been operated by a few different folks. It is a 1949 Worcester Lunch Car diner.

Not too far away from the Miss Adams is Mount Greylock. It has been at least 7 years since I rode to the top, but the road has been closed and closed for good reason, It was a piece of crap. Now it is smooth sailing all the way to the top. Mount Greylock is the tallest peak in Massachusetts and sports the Veterans War Memorial at the summit, which is our first Tour of Honor spot of the day. Even thou we are in the heart of the Bershires it is actually part of the Taconic Mountain range.

While we were up there, we got to watch these crazy folks jump off the side of the mountain. What I don't understand is you gotta make your first jump, and if you fall off the horse, I don't think there is any getting right back on.

This is the guy that jumps off in the following video

MeAsWe got a video of one of the guys taking off.

Right up the road is the Bennington War Memorial. This is another Tour of Honor place I need.


We headed out to New York to head down NY22. Always a nice traveling road. As we were heading for 22, I caught a BBQ sign out of the corner of my eye. We followed this huge F350 diesel truck into the parking lot. He stopped, we stopped. I was looking around for the BBQ sign and not really paying attention to what the truck was doing. All of a sudden I heard MeAsWe screaming and the truck was backing right into us. Thank god for his good ears, and MeAsWe strong voice and the angels that were following us.

After the drama, we are headed for Stephentown for the S.

Having grabbed this we headed back into Mass to Pittsfield for MadJack's BBQ. Well Google has it on Fenn St and they have themselves on North Street. Google is wrong and this ended up being a bust. So back out onto NY 22, but we stopped first right before NY. While they had their smoke break I took some pictures of wild things.

Looked much cooler in real life

The green things with all the spiny things looks like something
out of a SciFi movie. You know the ones that get under your skin.
Gotta click the photo and blow it up

Right up the road is the only BBQ joint of the day making the 184th joint we have captured for Smoke Chasing 2012.

One more USA town
Does it look Norman Rockwellish ??
We called it a day and jumped on the Mass Pike for home.


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