Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Moseying to Madawaska

We let the sunrise come up by itself today. No photo shoot for me. It is going to be mostly a running day. Once we leave the coast there are not many BBQ joints or USA Towns until we get to the northern part of Maine. That will give us plenty of time to visit places.

The roads are pretty darn straight up this way. Provides good visibility to moose and deer, I suppose. Actually the roads become reminicient of alot of the roads out west.

As we get closer to our first stop, those little cat feet seem to get a hold of the ground. Of course where this road goes it is qutie twisty.

Quoddy Point Lighthouse is the eastern most point in the US. I am glad I did not choose this place for a sunrise. The foghorn was in a sounding mode while we were there and is actually quite soothing.

The view down of the water

The visitor center was not open. If it was I am sure I would have purchased a Lighthouse Society Lighthouse Passport, which just might have the start of another IBA Tour.

On the way into the lighthouse these flowers grabbed my eye. I just had to stop for a pic. Please click the pictures to see them bigger.

The little cat feet has decided to move on. This is the same road we came in on.

I have been doing National Park Tours since 2007 and Campobello Park has eluded me. With a new Passport book in hand, we just had to stop. This was the summer cottage for the Roosevelt's. I am not sure what defines a cottage versus a mansion, but this place does not look like a cottage to me. I must travel in different social circles.

This place is visually stunning.

Inside the Cottage

 A view of Eastport ME. The Roosevelt's would take the train from Hyde Park, NY to Eastport, ME and come over by boat.

Back thru Customs. We had no problems, other than MeAsWe likes to talk to the authorities a tad too much.

An interesting sight along the way

Half way between the Equator and the North Pole. This one is in Perry, ME

Since we stopped in Acadia for a stamp, we had to stop here as well

A view of St Croix Island
We were going to take RT 2 in Canada up to Houlton, but the line at the Canadian border in Calais was just too backed up so we headed up RT 1. Right outside Calais was the Moosehorn Wildlife Refuge, so we headed in to get a stamp. Stamps are good

Exciting road

Along RT 1 right around Presque Isle in June or July the mustard fields are in full bloom. It is unbelievable sight. This is a picture from a previous trip.

By the time we got there they looked like straw.

Beginning in Houlton with Pluto, there is a scale model of our solar system. Each planet is correct in size and distance from the sun, which is located in Presque Isle at the University of Maine. This is a Jupiter I took in 2009 on my Connie

We grabbed Stockholm, Sinclair, St Agatha and St David just outside Madawaska for the USA Tour.

Finally pulled into Madawaska. If you are doing the SCMA 4 Corners Ride, this is the post office you mail your envelope from Madawaska

 At first we were going to get the 4 Corner Memorial tomorrow, however since we passed right by, we turned in and got it today.

 The track of the day


Runner said...

I am way behind on my reading! Great photos! I kept meaning to get up to Campobello but never did. I agree, though. It does redefine the meaning of "cottage" by the sea.

Magilla said...

No pics of the NER stone in the park?