Monday, August 13, 2012

Running on the Inside of Maine

Today traveled mainly inland capturing a bunch of USA towns. Right up the street from Searsport was our first stop Stockton Springs. A then and now shot.

This was the Colcord house in the Stockton Springs, also the home of the famous Maine architect Joseph W Thompson, at least that is what the Stockton Springs Historical Society thinks

We cross the Penobscot River on the Penobcot Bridge into Bucksport ME, Right behind the Penobscot Bridge is Waldo Hancock Bridge. It was the first long suspension bridge erected in Maine. It is being torn down in the Fall of 2012 apparently.

On Verona Island is our first BBQ stop

Having plenty of time today (not really) we get sidetracked at the marina in Bucksport for some pictures.

In the background is Fort Knox, a National Historic Landmark, built of granite between 1844 and 1869. It is a pretty kewl place to visit. Hold your ears, because they do shoot off the cannons from time to time.

The paper for Time Magazine and LL Bean catalog is made at this factory.

Bucksport has it leisure time as well.

In Bangor we grab the USS Maine Spanish American War memorial for the Tour of Honor

Another one of those roadside stores. The S&H Greenstamps sign grabbed my attention on this place


We rolled into St Albans right around 11am. Neat Town Hall

In Monson we grabbed this really neat looking BBQ Joint

Then there is the mobile (maybe not so mobile) BBQ joints

In Abbot we found the yellow submarine, landlocked

These signs began to appear more and more.

MeAsWe looking for me in Shirley

Another Maine roadside attraction

Some traveling on Maine inner roads

In Athens we spent a good amount of time speaking with Steve, the guy in the corner by the ice machine. Steve owns this gold mine of a store. It is the only gas station within 12 miles and all roads lead to Athens (or was that Rome). Steve use to own a medical supply business and sold that out when he was in his forties. He is in a wheelchair because of MS and is not embarrassed or shy talking about it. He came down with MS in his twenties and achieved the American dream despite MS. One of his customers was getting something in the store on their way to some big fair in the area. Steve called for the kids in car and he handed each of them 20.00 to spend at the fair. These were not his grandkids or even relatives, simply customers of the store. His way of giving back to the community. It was a pleasure to meet and talk with Steve.

From Athens we made our way down to Skowhegan, rounded the corner and headed back to Searsport under the guidance of Pink Floyd

This guy welcomed us home

The trip of the day

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