Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Island Hopping in Maine

Up again this morning at 4am to catch the sunrise at a different spot than yesterday. Today I woke MeAsWe to go with me, after all it is her birthday and she should get an early start on the celebration. We head out about for Sears Island Rd in Searsport or it could be Stockton Springs. Since I gained a vast amount of experience yesterday, the set up goes much faster. I made this spot the current tag for the NER (New England Riders) and you can find a separate post HERE.

I am just one year older today, actually I am just one day older

After our sunrise experience we headed back to the Yardarm to pack up the bike and head out for day.

Along Route 1 is this house. It has a surreal look to it. It just has to be haunted

We grabbed our first USA town in Sandy Point, which we passed thru yesterday. We find ourselves crossing back over the Penobscot River and it is much clearer today

Originally I was thinking about heading out to Cadillac Mountain in Acadia for the sunrise, but opted for the closer location. That gave us a chance to head over onto Deer Isle for a couple USA towns early in the day. We picked up Surry, South Blue Hill, Sedgwick, Sargentville, Sunset and Stonington.

Crossing the Deer Isle Bridge that spans the Eggemoggin Reach. Don't you just love these names. The bridge was completed in 1939 and had the same problems as the Tacoma Narrows Bridge that collapsed due to wind stability problems. Apparently they fixed what ever the problems were, after all it is still standing.

The harbor in Stonington

We grabbed breakfast at the Harbor Cafe, which is very good and pretty cheap as well. I had the hash which was homemade.

The Cafe had those place mats with the ads all over them of various places. There was one that grabbed my eye about seeing the quarry operation. After breakfast I asked the waitress, and she pointed out the place down the street. If you find yourself in Stonington visit this museum. It is really quite interesting.

The Quarry Brought to Life

Off Deer Isle and heading to Mount Desert Island, where Acadia National Park is located. Before we get there, there is a couple of BBQ joints we can pick up. I learned today while you are heading into Bar Harbor or out for that matter, you definitely do not want to cross the traffic for a store on the left side of the road. Returning to the right side can be near impossible with the traffic and they don't give you a break.

Our first destination is Seal Cove, which also happens to have the Seal Cove Auto Museum. It was a natural to pick up the USA town from here. There is a small fee to get in. You are allowed to take all the pictures you want, however you are not allowed to post them on the Internet. I figured that covered only the cars inside

We buzzed around the island picking up a bunch of USA towns. Since we have been to Acadia a bunch of times and this was not our objective for the day, we didn't spend much time in the park. Some shots around the island.

We did stop in the visitor center, where I purchased a new Passport Book and got the stamp. I am not sure why I did this, perhaps it is the beginning of a 4th National Park Tour.

We headed up Route 1 to our final destination in Machias, ME.

We stayed at the Bluebird Motel, which was actually very comfortable. Big room, comfortable beds, nice flat panel TV, nice desk and a refrigerator that was plugged in and cold.

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