Saturday, September 1, 2012

Spritzin the S's

Today is all about getting some last USA towns. Pretty boring stuff, but so far this season I have written something about all of my travels. MeAsWe has elected to stay home and do some stuff around the house and visit some friends.

Before I left I headed over to Giffs, to see if we could eliminate the head shake on the FJR. This seems to have occurred with the new Shinkos we installed about 2 weeks ago. I had this with the Connie no matter what type of tire I used. This was a known issue with the C10. I have used Shinkos on all my FJR's and I must be on my 4th or 5th set of them. The shake comes right around 39 to 43mph, is very pronounced on deceleration, but does exist ever so slightly under acceleration and constant throttle. It only happens when you take your hands off the handle bar, so the cure is pretty easy. Leave your hands on the handle bar. Giff rebalanced the tire and added .5 oz's of weight. Wheel appeared to be not out of round and did not have a wobble either. After he got in remounted, Giff's guess is the problem will still exist. It does. While he had the bike up on the table and calipers off, he replaced the front brake pads. He thought they might have another 7k in them, but I said change em out now.  By the time I got out of Giff's it was 12 or so.

First hit of the day is Slaterville. Not too far from where I live.

Since I was heading for the NER RI tag and needed a place to send folks I stopped at Bryant University for the entrance.

Hit A&W Rootbeer stand in Smithfield RI to capture the tag. Who could resist getting some grub while I was stopped. Hamburger didn't sound all the good, but hot dogs, did. They called em wieners, which just doesn't sound right. Choice of fries or onion rings. I opted for the rings.

A&W stands/drive-ins  roots are in California with the first stand opening in Sacremento in 1920 or so. This place was built in 1960 and joined about 2000 other similar locations in the country. Since then A&W joints have declined to around 400, many them connected to KFC or Long John Silver's. What I did not realize that they make the root beer on site on a daily basis. Some neat reading HERE. When I was a kid, it was Stewart's Root Beer stands, which were opened in the 20's as well.


Scituate RI is next on deck and then crossing the border to Sterling CT

On the way to then next USA town I passed this place. When I capture the CT Tag I will probably use this at the next GO TO place. Town Pounds were places to keep roaming livestock so the owners could come and claim them. You had to pay a fee to the pounder if you wanted your animal back. We have alot of these around New England. This is located at N41 42.182 W71 48.652 or the intersection of CT 14 and Providence Rd in Sterling.

Grabbed some Post Offices for


Next town is Sprague, CT. According to Wikipedia, Sprague is an up and coming ecotourism place to go. You look up ecotourism if you want to know. I was headed to the library, but this place came along and it works.

Time to make the turn north towards home. Grabbed Scotland on the way,

While I was heading up 395 I saw Attawaugan on one of the next exit signs. Sure enough the GPS indicated their was an Attawaugan Fire Station under the Community category. Off 395 and onto CT 12. I got to the fire station but not friggin signs on the building, what's with that. I drove around the building looking for something, a small sign by a door. Nothing. I turned around and headed for 395 and out of the corner of my eye, I STOPPED. I got a knack for picking this stuff up when treasure hunting. The photo has been enhanced to show the little sign.

We have a First letter Last Letter tag going on. You find  a place that begins with Last Letter of the last tag. OSJ put a picture of a Yolk but spelled it Yoke. I found the "E", who am I to argue how he wants to spell it. So go find a "T"

Blasted the rest of the way to Bonnie and Scotts place where MeAsWe was visiting and called it a day.
One thing I did different today, was ride in jeans versus my riding pants. During the summer months I use mesh riding gear which lets air in and around your legs and stuff. I was uncomfortable in jeans. They seemed to soak up the moisture in the air, which made the jeans stick to your body. YUCK. I will stick with my non stick riding gear. I have the same issue with riding with cotton T Shirts. 
Four hours or so covering right around 120 miles.

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