Saturday, September 8, 2012

Mo's No Mo Market - A Shitstorm Pictorial

I got such a kick out of the definition of Shitstorm on the Urban Dictionary and Mo's Market, I thought it deserved it's own post.

Look at the first photo.

Then read >>

Shitstorm as defined by Urban Dictionary. You have to click the link and read the definitions.

Then click the first photo take a look and shift to the second one.

Everything falls into place.

So if I was to analyze the definitions and apply it to the pictures, it might go something like....

Defintion 1

A huge fuck-up of epic proportions of some sort or another and its ensuing calamity. As in, the person or normal situation you were supposed to be
a part of is now so totally screwed up as to turn the entire scenario into
a farce; or something that could end up in you going to either jail or losing
your profession.

Looking at the picture it centainly was epic, at least to Mo. Anyone
that was there I am sure they remember the events. I bet things
were going fairly nomal inside the store too. It does look like
things got a tad out of control, so totally screwed up applies here.
Is the scenario a total farce. That might be a bit strong, but I can
see a case being made for a total farce.
Definition 2

A course of action that would appear to lead to a good
outcome, but when undertaken, leads to a situation that is
utterly out of control beyond human comprehension.
Filling up for gas generally leads to a good outcome. Does it appear this was utterly out of control. Vermont has cows,
cows have utters, the store probably sold milk and is located
in Vermont, so utterly applies.
Definition 3
A shitstorm refers not to one bad thing happening, but to
many bad things happening in a short period of time. Usually describes many unlucky,
sad or just awful events pertinent to the person speaking.

Mo ask the customer not smoke while they were filling up the car.
Customer gave disgusted look and flicked their cigarette to the ground.
I don’t really need to spell this out, just look at the picture.

Definition 4

When a tornado hits an exposed septic tank and sends all the
contents into the air, where it falls down in a rain-like pattern.

If one takes this literally (like Joe Biden) it might not apply, but the basic characteristics of the description does fit assuming the station blew up
which sent stuff spewing into the air. which returned to the ground. Good
thing the awning over the gas pumps shielded the car.

Definition 5
A discussion about something totally pointless and inane that got out of
hand and now consists of people fighting over nothing.
 Basically like a flamewar, just that the discussion itself, as well as the participants, are so utterly stupid that it's impossible to put into words. Shitstorms like these always tend to be really easy to start, even when you
don't want it - just like an avalanche, one false step (or word) can be
enough to set free a shitstorm of epic proportions.

My guess the customer and Mo had a conversation and it is not much of
leap of faith to think the conversation did not go well.

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