Sunday, September 2, 2012

In the Heart of Hartford

 Out again pulling down USA Towns. The tour ends 9/15 which is what, only 14 days away. I can't believe summer is over, but it is. MeAsWe is wussin out again and taking her granddaughter shopping. Shopping versus Riding, come on now, give me a break.

On my way to the first stop, just outside of Stafford is a CCC camp. I passed right by it, but saw the sign. Turned around to pay it a visit. I figure it is on the NRHP (National Register of Historical Places).

First USA town is Somers, CT. Real thrilling pic of a pharmacy. At least it is not a CVS or Walgreens.

Next town was Suffield. This place had sign out front, Suffield Masonic Hall, which I am sure is alot more picturesque than the police station, plus it just might be on the NRHP.

Leap of Faith Stairway

Needing the last two Tour of Honor sites in CT was really what prompted todays ride, even thou this tour doesn't end until November. The second picture just might be a CT Tag photo. Just enough info to figure out where it is. Location is N41 56.764 W72 41.221 or the Connecticut Fire Fighters Memorial on the road the circles around Bradley Airport

Another tag potential at the New England Air Museum.

Lockheed P-80 as a Guess

From there I was off to Nat Hayden's Barbecue joint. I was looking forward to having some BBQ. I got there about 11:20 and they were not serving. I hear the BBQ is good here too.

Grabbed some more USA towns like South Windsor. Ran to Mark's BBQ real quick in anticipation of getting to Rein's Deli, one of my all time favorite places to eat.

For Jewish Deli food, nothing beats Rein's. Simply NO ONE>

The line to sit at the table was huge, which didn't surprise me, it was noon after all. I bee bopped right past the line and sat down at the counter next to some older women. I told them I came to keep them company. I should be careful when I say old, because I do fall into that category for most people.

The folks waiting on a table

A view from the counter. At the end is where they make the sandwiches

The infamous garlic pickles. They are really really good.

While I wait for my Triple Decker Jersey Deluxe. One of the few places that I know of that sells Cel-Ray , celery soda.

My new acquaintance desert, Lemon Meringue Pie. The real one looked much better than the picture. I was a little too fast on the trigger. This person worked for Pratt and Whitney as a representative, Her main job was to fly around the country and take clients and management out to dinner and entertain them. Not a bad job and my guess she was paid very well to do so.

My sandwich arrives. Almost forgot to take a picture. Next time I want to get a Reuben or maybe a Rachael.

With a full stomach headed into the heart of Hartford. Now I ended up East Hartford in neighborhood where a pasty white guy on a motorcycle taking pictures of buildings just doesn't really fit in. Matter of fact I was watched as I pulled up on the sidewalk, took my camera out and snapped a picture. The person in the doorway did come out and ask me what I was doing. I told her I was part of a bunch of crazy motorcycle riders, riding all over the country tracking down BBQ joints. If the sign has BBQ or Smoke in it, it is a target. She went from a concerned stern look to a big smile.

Down into downtown Hartford for another joint. This one might be iffy because BBQ is not part of the name, but I was in the area so I grabbed it.

This is the last Tour of Honor site for Connecticut that I need. We visited this once before and I did a RR HERE on it.

Another BBQ joint and that about wraps up central Connecticut for BBQ places.

There is a category in for people that garbage up or go over the top for decorating their yards.. This yard had a beach flamingo / pelican theme.

Now I have been neglecting the USA towns. I have been grabbing them, just not posting here. The pictures are much blaher than these. One of my last stops was Salmon Brook. I had the historical society as a target and it actually was quite interesting. I took the needed picture and then parked and walked around a bit.

Last stop is really ugly and right next to the town I live in. If I didn't pick it up today, I would not ever pick up. A hit is a hit.

So all in all, grabbed 2 Tour of Honor places, 6 BBQ Joints and 7 USA towns in 260 miles traveled.

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