Friday, September 21, 2012

The Every Day Ride

Many of us make the same ride to someplace every day. It could be to work, to babysit a grandchild for your own child, or  pick up or drop off a spouse at the train station. Whatever the reason we ride the same road.

For the last couple of days I have slowed the ride down and took a look around.

This is part of the Blackstone Canal.

Right across the street is this view. This never ceases to provide a sense of calm.

This guy caught my eye

And I grabbed his interest as well.


Just down the road a piece is this winding road. One day I will venture down it, but for now I will respect the person's privacy.


One the way to I-495 I come across what looks like a vacant lot. At least it looks that way at a quick glance, but who takes the time to make sure flowers are growing in a vacant lot.

Right next door is this not your everyday mailbox.

Heading for the highway I cross from Mendon to Bellingham.

From here the scenery turns more industrial, but interesting never the less.

The rest of the journey is pretty much like any one else's ride. Dunkin Donuts, gas stations, Home Depots, and numerous traffic lights, people on their cells, tweeting here and there, some applying make up and others drinking their coffees. Thanks for coming along on the ride

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Runner said...

Nice!!!! I wish my every-day riding area was as scenic.