Saturday, March 14, 2015

Pirates Chasing Giants

Well the riding season has arrived. Oops, there still is snow blocking the entrance to the garage where my FJR is located, however with the temps finally rising, it will succumb to bike wash soon enough.

I will be participating in 2 Grand Tours this year. First one is the GLMC Talk Like a Pirate Grand Tour. I have participated in GLMC's GT for the last 5 years and finished in the top 10 in four of them. 


In addition I will be heading out to see some Whispering Giants this year for Team Strange. I have participated in a bunch of TS tours, including Smoke Chasing (BBQ Joints), President places and their 40th Anniversary Tour. Team Strange sponsors the organization Eddie's Road.

Whisper Giants

The sandboxes

Whispering Giants
2015 Whispering Giant

Talk Like a Pirate Towns. There are 674 opportunities this year. I might get to 1/3 of the them.
2015 GLMC

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