Sunday, March 1, 2015

Frozen River

On Sunday, MeAsWe and Me headed up to Hampton Beach for a birthday party. I wrote about that event here. We headed up I495, then I95 and got off the highway on RT 107, 1 exit before the toll. From there we headed up RT1 north to our destination. As we were driving along US 1 we passed a spot that I said to myself we should stop on the way back and take a picture.

The party was a blast, the food over the top and folks couldn't be friendlier. But as parties do, they end. On the way home we headed out to RT 1A to see if we could get a shot of the ocean with the sun setting. No sun and the snow was piled so high, no view of the ocean. Still a nice ride but hung a right and headed back to US 1.

Well that spot came up, I looked to the right and there was the scene. Same as it was on the way in. Didn't slow at all and keep going. About 2 miles past the spot, I turned around and headed back, saying to myself, stop being so lazy.

So here's the 2 shots I took of Drakes River, which merges and converges with a lot of other brooks, ponds, stream and rivers to make it's way out to the Atlantic Ocean. The texture of the ice on the banks of the river is what grabbed my eye. To me it has a look of bitter cold desolation.

D71 1940_5

D71 1955_5 R

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