Wednesday, March 4, 2015

How to Save Money by Spending Money

Last week I received my Nikon D7100 camera and it was this past weekend when I really got to use it. When I got home and downloaded all the files to the computer I started working some of the bracketed photos I had taken.

In the sky of 2 of the photos was a dot. Easy enough to clone it out, but I didn't spend all this money on an upgrade to test my post processing skills. I suspected I had something on the lens sensor that just didn't show up before this. I posted a couple sample photos up on the UglyHedgeHog forum asking opinions. I got varied opinions but 90% of the folks felt it was probably dust on the sensor. One person said it could be mold in my lens.

I haven't had this camera for even 3 days yet. I have had my D5100 for about 3 years and never a hint of a dirty sensor in any of my pics. How could this be.

I eliminated the lens as the problem by switching lenses, having the same problem with both.

Into the menu system to find that menu option that will shake, rattle and roll the sensor to knock the dust off. Didn't work.

Up to the B&H Photo site to order a Giottos - Rocket Blaster Dust-Removal Tool (Large, Black) which is essentially a camera turkey baster. Take the lens off, turn it so the opening is pointing down, lift the mirror up and blow some air in to hopefully knock the dust off the sensor. No canned air is ALLOWED.

The Giottos - Rocket Blaster Dust-Removal Tool (Large, Black) is 9.95, plus an additional 2.29 for shipping. I hate paying shipping. If you look to the right of the picture of the product there is something about FREE SHIPPING


Do you see where this is going. Not only is it FREE but EXPEDITED. I got to thinking, the new camera is heavier than my old one, and it is a bit more costly than the old one, the strap that comes with the camera is pure crap, so maybe I should stroll over to the Strap Section.

Ordering a camera strap is akin to ordering RAM mount parts for the bike. There is this option and that option, prices range from 15.00 to 100.00. So up to the UglyHedgeHog site again to find out what I need to know about straps. Quick research indicate OP/Tech brand is well thought of and a good value for the money.

What parts do I need to make a sling type strap. Call up Customer Service via Chat. Tell the person what I am trying to do and within minutes I get disconnected. Sigh. Well low and behold B&H Customer Service detected the disconnect and sent their recommendation to my eMail.

So I now have 40.00 or so in my shopping cart and need 9.00 more for FREE SHIPPING. I then noticed that OP/Tech products have FREE shipping.

Op Tech

Sure enough, my shopping cart indicates that shipping is covered for all items, not just the Op/Tech stuff. One more item was ordered to convert the above strap from around the neck to a sling type strap and we are good to go. I stopped looking for another 9.00 item to complete the purchase.

Oh I didn't get the expedited delivery since I didn't spend the extra 9.00, but the stuff is due to arrive tomorrow. That's 2 days in transit time.

So I spent an additional 30.00 to save 2.29 and that's how you Save Money by Spending Money.

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