Friday, April 3, 2015

Ladies and Gentlemen Start Your Engines

So I finally opened up the garage door now that all of the snow is gone and I actually still have a FJR. No one stole it before the snow started. First task accomplished.

I then looked at the tires and they are not flat and probably have enough air in them to get to Giffs for inspection. 2nd task accomplished.

Walked around the bike, no fluids on the garage floor so the antifreeze stayed in the bike and so did the rest of the fluids. Life is good.

Then the big test....went inside and got the see where this is going. No battery tender during the winter.. put the key in..Turned it on...I have lights. Reached for the starter button ... (think sound) whirl whi hmmmmmm...varoooommm varooom (me twisting the throttle). WOO HOO

One more task. you know when you get that notice from send them money they send you another piece of paper and a sticker. It is the middle of winter. temps are like 6 degrees...the snow is 4 feet piled up and there is just no way it makes sense to go put the sticker on now. So you put the registration in the extra special spot so you won't lose it.. well you need to put it in a spot where you won't lose it and be ABLE TO REMEMBER where that special spot is. Well the perfect storm happened. The sticker was right where I thought I put it so I would not LOSE it.

Riding season is off to a GREAT START !!!


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