Thursday, April 7, 2011

An Affair with Water

This years treasure hunt for the Glacier Lakes Motorcycle Club is called An Affair with Water. Much like last years Titanic Tour, one must find towns with specific words within the the town name. This years words are Bay, Brook, Cove, Creek, Fall, Harbor, Hydro, Lake, Ocean, Pool, Pond, Rapid, River, Sea, Spring, Stream, and Water. The twist this year one must find the name of the town ON a building within the town. The city limit signs are no longer. Now a sign in front of the building is no good, but a sign attached to the building is OK. East BROOKfield Pizza and Grinder works. Sounds simple, however I have a feeling we will hit a bunch of towns this year that we just can't find the name ON a building.

Like last year, the Name, a substantial part of the bike, and your flag must appears. MeAsWe is competing under her own number this year.

Willie Flag

MeAsWe's Flag

Of course with the flags, one must have some places to go.

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