Monday, April 18, 2011


On Friday of last week it was Christmas in April. I received 2 items in the mail that I had been anxiously waiting for. One was the Nuvi 855 from and the other was my Passport Book and T-Shirt for Smoke Chasing 2011.

Smoke Chasing is first and foremost a way to raise money for Eddie's Road. At their site they describe their mission as

Eddie's Road directly funds and supports a variety of quality public and private programs dedicated to assist abused children and young adults. The majority of our funds are raised by participating in motorcycle rallies and events that were the passion of Eddie James, the man our foundation was built to honor.

Smoke Chasing 2011 is a barbecue treasure hunt. To become a Griller one has to visit 5 BBQ restaurants in 3 states. The next level is Smoker, which is 5 states and 3 BBQ joints. The BBQ Pit Master is visiting 1 joint in 15 states. These visits must be completed and your documentation submitted by Oct 15th. More details for those that are interested can be found at this LINKY.

The Passport Book

The Awesome T Shirt

My first destination will no doubt be this place.

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