Sunday, April 3, 2011

First Tag of the Season

It's Sunday. I have been hymning and hawing about going for a ride. Seems like I have become a task oriented rider. I need some kind of treasure to capture. Plus I am currently storing the bikes some 5 miles away, which just gives me another excuse to be lazy. Having had my knees replaced over the winter, I had the opportunity to revisit and re-view all of the Law and Orders and CSI series on TV, so sitting inside on one of the first really nice days of the spring seemed such a shame.

I got up the motivation, put my riding gear on and went and got the FJR. I mounted the GIVI rack, mounted the RAM mount for the GPS, put the Wynpro Big Foot kick stand enlarger and was going to mount the passenger enlarged footrests. Seems I need a drill to mount the footrests.

The above probably took me an hour and should have taken 15 minutes, but I always seem to forget something and have to make the trip up 3 flights of stairs, so that is the multiplier on the time. Today was no exception. To justify my forgetfulness, I say it is good exercise for the new knees.

Realized I need a Dremel tool to grind a flat spot in the left front hatch for the GPS, so actually using the GPS was out for the day. Feeling guilty of not having a place to go, I remembered the Rhode Island tag is not too far away.

Mounted up, sans GPS and headed for Lincoln Woods State Park for a picture of the wood bridges.

Part of the tag game is once you capture the current location or theme you must post up a place for the next tag. For the NER Tag game an archive photo of a place is OK, but today I decide I will pick up something on the way home. Heading up RT 146 I see a sign for Bryant College and I recollected something about an elephant story, so I head off onto RT116. It was then I realized how lost I was without the GPS. I could not simply head off on some side roads because I will simply not be able to figure out how to get home. So simplification is in order, stop at the first reasonable place to grab the next tag.

Now for those of you looking for a clue where this is, I offer this. Maybe I can generate some traffic to my blog.

So a quick 50 or 60 miles today. The guilt of not having the desire to ride was vanquished. This week I found myself entering another national treasure hunt. This one centering around BBQ places sponsored by Team Strange

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