Sunday, April 10, 2011

Up to Our Old Tricks - The Chase is On

This past weekend was an awesome time to be out on the bike. Saturday I spent the morning over at Giff’s taking advantage of his kindness by using his drill and dremel. First thing was to drill out the rear pegs for the floor boards that were mounted on the 07 FJR. Next was to grind a small spot out of the left front compartment, so that I can close the lid down on the GPS wire. I really should make a permanent wire, but this works, so what the heck.

With these tasks complete and a working GPS, I decided to head out for some Water locations and a couple of tags.

First stop was the border of RI/CT in Coventry RI. This was a CT tag. Then off to numerous water locations. At around 6 I found myself at Dunkin Donuts in Rehoboth, calling MeAsWe to see if I could find more info on the MA Tag. I left DD defeated and traveled to Attleboro Falls for the last stop of the day. There was something missing during these travels.

On Sunday, MeAsWe is going out for the first time since her affair with the Montana Buck. Today it would be an affair with water. First stop is Valley Falls Fire District house, then off to Central Falls. This was mainly urban riding as we meandered our way thru Pawtucket and finally off to some country roads. Next destination was the failed capture of the MA Tag yesterday. As we traveled some background, I dropped my left hand and gave MeAsWe a squeeze on the leg, and that missing something from yesterday was here today.

Our turnaround point was Green Harbor MA; however a stop at America’s First Couple, John and Priscilla Alden, house for a photo op of a National Historic Landmark was in order. From Green Harbor we had 4 additional stops at water and headed home.

It was a good first run for MeAsWe, and me, as well, with the new knees. Almost like we never got off the bike last September.

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