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Ton Tour - Going up the Country - Day 3

My biggest wish last night was for the hotel not to be too much of a dive, and no bugs. Actually the place turned out to be really nice, well that might be an overstatement, but all of the stuff on the walls were attached and level, so that's a good sign and the room was recently redone, on the first floor with the door right by the FJR perfect. Oh the TV reception was great, it was a happy night.

Woke up in the morning early, futz around and fell back to sleep. I had decided to shorten up the trip today and get home before 8pm. Work tomorrow. Woke up around 7am and it is pouring. Went over for breakfast which was pretty basic, but still adequate. No hot food really, but what do you want for 75/night in a 130 min neighborhood. Got talking to this guy at breakfast who collects bicycles and has over 50 of them. Tells me he used to work for Merrill Lynch for 15 years some 10 years ago or more. More stories about living in the Virgin Islands and importing Christmas trees there to make a living, said he made a killing. Another story about investing someplace and the free cash flow is crazy, it was then I thougth I was being conned. Maybe he was for real, but I didn't bite. We parted and the stories were at least interesting. Rain has stopped and time to get on the road.

Picture of the fog from the rain

DSC_2368_69_70Enhancer ES

First stops are to pick up where I left off last night.

The town's major attraction is Woodbury Common Premium Outlets – one of the largest outlet malls in the world, visited by people from Japan, China, Europe and the Americas.

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Derek Jeter owns a residence on the western shore of Greenwood

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Not a double down town but interesting

DSC_2380_1_2Enhancer ES

More towns

On June 29, 2006, incorporation passed overwhelmingly, 856 votes to 89

DSC_2383_4_5Enhancer ES

The Brotherhood Winery is the oldest continuously operating winery in the United States, having been established in 1839 located in Blooming Grove

DSC_2386_7_8Enhancer ES

Maybrook is referenced in the seventh volume of The Dark Tower by popular horror novelist Stephen King.

DSC_2392_3_4Enhancer ES

Unplanned town capture, The Town of Wawayanda was established in 1849 from the Town of Minisink. It had been first settled after the American Revolution.

DSC_2398_399_400Enhancer ES

I am sure the folks inside the Post Office was not too happy having a motorcycle right at the front door.

DSC_2401_2_3Enhancer ES

DSC_2404_5_6Enhancer ES

Dutch colonists attempted to settle the Cuddebackville in the 17th Century. The town was organized in 1798 after Port Jervis was set apart from the territory. The town was part of a boundary dispute between New York and New Jersey which was not settled until 1874.

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Lunch time. This is a diner within a diner. Food cheap but just ok. Not terrible not great.

DSC_2413_4_5Enhancer ES

See the stainless steel and interior trim. A diner within a diner.

DSC_2416_7_8Enhancer ES

Bloomingburg's accepted incorporation date is 1833. It was the first county seat of Sullivan County, being located in the original county town of Mamakating. It prospered, first, as a center of commerce along the Newburgh–Cochecton Turnpike, then as a railway town serving vacationers in the mountains. Many guesthouses in the village were not rebuilt after the devastating fire of February 1922, and the village has been primarily an agricultural center ever since. This is where they get their food.

DSC_2425_6_7Enhancer ES

Cragsmoor, originally named Evansville, was founded as an art colony in 1879, after being discovered by artists earlier in the decade. It was renamed to Cragsmoor in 1893

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View along RT 52 in New York

DSC_2434_5_6Enhancer ES

The Lenape settlement "at Wawarasinke" was burned by English militiamen, led by Marten Crieger, after the Natives attacked Wiltwyck and took captives in 1663. WA WA works in my book for the Double Down, we shall see what the rally bastard says.

DSC_2440_1_2Enhancer ES

Originally named Port Jackson, it is thought that the name "Accord" resulted from a petition of the townspeople to the Capitol in Albany for a new name. The response was that the authorities could not come to an accord about a new name so the name "Accord" was chosen.

DSC_2443_4_5Enhancer ES

Nicholas Zeboris, Creator of Motorcycle Aquatics has something to do with this town. "The Jetbike represents the 'invention of a new sport'—the sport of motorcycling on water," reads Aquajet's website. "The Jetbike is a cross between a motorcycle and a Jet Ski. The principle difference between the Jetbike and all other personal watercraft is that the Jetbike has patented dual, simultaneously controlled, front and rear steering and is very narrow, like a motorcycle."

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A more traditional pic of Cottekill but the above is more interesting

DSC_2461_2_3Enhancer ES

This place was right by the fire station and thought it was kind of neat

DSC_2464_5_6Enhancer ES

The Rosendale region is most well known for the production of natural cement. The Rosendale natural cement industry began during of the construction the Delaware and Hudson Canal in 1825. Bloomington is a village of Rosendale.

DSC_2467_8_9Enhancer ES

These are the cement kilns

DSC_2473_4_5 P ES

DSC_2482_3_4Enhancer ES 1

Downtown Rosendale

DSC_2488_89_90Enhancer ES

Back over the Hudson River into Poughkeepsie, known as "The Queen City of the Hudson".

DSC_2491_2_3Enhancer ES

DSC_2500_1_2Enhancer ES

Love these old theaters.

DSC_2494_5_6Enhancer ES

Last town in New York. Millbrook is most commonly referred to as the low-key version of the Hamptons, and is one of the most affluent towns in New York State

DSC_2506_7_8Enhancer ES

DSC_2512_3_4Enhancer ES

Neat clock tower in Sharon CT

DSC_2530_1_2Enhancer ES

Almost at the last stop. Torrington is an old mill town and has a great movie theater, 1,700 seat auditorium built in 1931 as a cinema by the Warner Brothers film studio. Definetly Art Deco.

DSC_2533_4_5Enhancer ES

DSC_2548_49_50Enhancer ES

Last stop of the day Terryville. Actor Ted Knight was born in Terryville. Remember him in Caddie Shack and the Mary Tyler Moore Show.

DSC_2557_8_9Enhancer ES

320 miles for the day, 25 Double Down Towns and 1 President town. Sum total for the 3 days, just over a 1000 miles and 100 towns. Phew!!

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Anonymous said...

> Neat clock tower in Sharon CT

A tidbit on the clock tower: Eunice Herrick Trowbridge grew up in a "prominent" family that spent summers in a big country house in Sharon. She wrote about the tower in one of her self-published memoirs (which I helped edit). She wrote that the tower's donor specified that in summer the clock was to remain set on "God's time" ( = Eastern Standard) and none of this Daylight Savings nonsense, thank you very much!

I wonder if it still is. Did you happen to notice ... Was it an hour behind your wristwatch when you snapped the photo?

Ken Dowst (NER)